HS English Writing Suggestion 2021 WBCHSE West Bengal For Class 12 Students.

HS English Writing Suggestion 2021. Get All Writings Important For HS Final Exam 2021. Prepare these Writings and Do an Excellent Result.

Importance of a Good Suggestion:

We have prepared the suggestion according to the previous years’ questions and modern trend of questions set in HS final examination. So the writings included in this suggestion are very important for the final examination of 2021 HS Final Examination. Are you looking for the best HS English Suggestion? You have come to the exact place which can serve you with the best suggestion for Higher Secondary Examination 2021. Each and every student looks for the best suggestion because a pure and authentic suggestion can bring change in his/her life. It also saves time, helps perform well. So, we have worked utmost to prepare this English Writing Suggestion 2021  for you. Our continual effort will bring you success.

Follow this suggestion and prepare yourself so that you can perform better in Examination Hall. If you follow this suggestion you will never fumble in the Exam centre. We are providing you with this good suggestion totally free of cost. Follow it and prepare yourself and do the best in the Exam Hall. If you don’t follow a good suggestion, you will lose much time in the exam hall and find difficulty in time management.

Besides providing only suggestions, we also give some tips to the students so that you can perform confidently in the exam centres. So many students from different parts of West Bengal are pleased with the suggestions and tips provided by us.

কিছু গুরুত্বপূর্ণ কথা:

প্রিয় ছাত্র ছাত্রী উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক পরীক্ষায় ইংরেজিতে 10 নাম্বারের রাইটিং আসে। এই 10 নাম্বারের জন্য তিনটি বিকল্প থাকে। সেগুলি হল –
Report Writing (10 নাম্বারের)
Letter Writing (10 নাম্বারের)
Precis Writing (10 নাম্বারের)

এই তিনটি বিকল্প এর মধ্যে যেকোনো একটির উত্তর করলেই চলবে।

এই পেজে আমরা খুব গুরুত্বপূর্ণ কয়েকটি রাইটিং তোমাদের ফাইনাল পরীক্ষার জন্য দিলাম। এই রাইটিং করে ভালো করে তৈরি করলে তোমরা অবশ্যই ফাইনাল খুব ভালো ফল করতে পারবে।

Report Writing: (10 Marks)

HS English Writing Suggestion 2021

Recently your school organised a Magic Show. Write a report on it for the local periodical magazine. (2015)

Write a report on the Annual Sports of your school to be published in the School Magazine. (2016)

Write a report on the Health Awareness Camp organised in your school.

Write a report on the measures taken in your district to look after the health of the people and suggest what further improvements could be made. (2017)

Write a report on a one-week programme undertaken by your school to clean up the classrooms, the school premises and its surroundings. Mention the roles of both students and teachers. (2018)

Recently your school organised a Tree Plantation Programme on the World Environment Day. Write a report on it for the school magazine.

Write a report on Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony of your school.

Write a report on A Farewell Ceremony of a Retired Teacher in your school.

Write a report on how the Kanyashree Project has helped the girls students in your school.


Letter Writing : [Business Letters or Formal Letters] (10 Marks)

Write to the local police station to lodge a complaint against some young men who threatened you for Puja subscription.

Write a letter to the Chairman of your municipality complaining against the poor quality and inadequate supply of drinking water.

Write a letter to the Editor of an English daily about cyber crimes and how children and young adults are increasingly falling prey to eat as well as to depression and loneliness.

Write a letter to the editor of an English daily about the price rise of essential commodities.

Write a letter to the chairman of your municipality complaining about the insanitary condition of your locality.

Write a letter to the bank manager requesting him a loan for a manufacturing unit.

Write a letter to the Editor of an English newspaper expressing your concern about the indiscriminate felling of trees.

Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the use of plastic bags.

Write a letter requesting the branch manager of your locality for an educational loan.

Write a letter to the Postmaster complaining about the delay in the delivery of a very urgent letter addressed to you, due to negligence of the postman.

Suppose you have lost your bicycle. Write a letter to the O.C. of your local police station reporting the loss.

Write a letter to the SK Electronics, Kolkata requesting for repair or replacement of the TV set which you had bought from them all the two months ago as it has developed certain defects.

The sports teacher of ABC High School placed an order on behalf of the school to your company for sports goods. There has been a delay in supply. You, being the sales manager, regret and promise immediate delivery through a letter in not more than 150 words. (2017)

Prepare HS English Writing Suggestion 2021

Precis Writing: (10 Marks)

1. Write a precis of the following passage. Add a suitable title. (2 +8 = 10)

We can tell a man from a beast by his quality of virtue. It is something which distinguished him from all other creatures. It is his mark. It is his character. Wonderful it is to think that man is distinguished from all other creatures by his higher and grander standard of conduct we call virtue-the things worthy of a man. He goes to the rescue of someone he has never seen-a woman in a burning house, a child in a dark sea. Why? Because he is a man. He goes to the state or to the scaffold for an idea which he can never prove in this world to be true. Why? Because he is a man. What do we say when we read of some cruel creature who has beaten a child or struck a woman? We say, “he is no man.” Something tells us at once that a man who could do such thing as this is who could do such things as this is ‘no man’. He has played the traitor to himself. He has played the traitor to himself. He has denied the man in his soul.

2. Write a précis of the following passage. Add a suitable title. (2+8 = 10)

What is a machine? It is a big tool to help man to do his work. Man has been called a tool-making animal, and from his earliest days, he has made tools and tried to better them. His supremacy over the other animals, many of them more powerful than he was, was established because of his tools. The tool was an extension of his hand, or you may call it a third hand. The machine was the extension of the tool. The tool and the machine raised man above the brute creation. They freed human society from the bondage of Nature. With the help of the tool and the machine, man found it easier to produce things. He produced more, and yet had more leisure. And this resulted in the progress of the arts of civilization, and of thought and science. But the big machine has encouraged the growth of civilization, it has also encouraged the growth of barbarism by producing terrible weapons of warfare and destruction. If it has produced abundance, this abundance has not been mainly for the masses, but chiefly for the limited few. It has made the difference between the luxury of the very rich and the poverty of the poor even greater than it was in the past. Instead of being the tool and servant of man, it has presumes to become his master.

3. Write a precis of the following passage and suggest a suitable title. (2+8)

The two great epics of ancient India, the Ramayana, and the Mahabharata, probably took shape in the course of several hundred years, and even subsequently additions were made to them. They deal with the early days of the Indo-Aryans, their conquests, and civil wars when they were expanding and consolidating themselves, but the epics were composed and compiled later. I do not know of any book anywhere which has exercised such a continuous and pervasive influence on the mind of the masses as these two. Dating back to remote antiquity, they are still a living force in the life of the Indian people. Not in the original Sanskrit, except for a few intellectuals, but in translations and adaptations and in those innumerable ways in which tradition and legend spread and became a part of the texture of people’s life. They represent the typical Indian method of catering altogether for various degrees of cultural development, from the highest intellectual to the simple unread and untaught villager.

উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি সাজেশন ২০২১

HS English Writing Suggestion 2021

Dear students, prepare these writings for your final examination and do and excellent.

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