Write a report on a Magic Show in your school. Very Important Report Writing for your Final Exam.

Write a report on a magic show in your school. This report is very important for Madhyamik and HS Final Examination. So prepare this report writing very well and score an attractive result in your final examination.

Write a report on a Magic Show in your school.

A Magic Show

This year our school marked the day before Puja Vacation in a grandeur way. Yesterday at 11 a.m. our school arranged a magic show in the Auditorium Hall of our school. It was a show only for school students.  Of course, their guardians were allowed, but they had to pay to get tickets. About 400 hundred spectators thronged in the auditorium hall. The show started at 11 a.m. and it continued up to 3 p.m. Though it was a 4 hour-programme, we did not feel bored even for a single minute. An experienced magiclan, wearing curious odd dress, showed some tricks which are really unbelievable. He first took some coins and suddenly vanished them in the air. After a minute or so he produced those coins from one of the students’ pocket. The magician surprisingly lifted up a person in the air without any support. In the air he was walking like an astronaut. All the spectators became speechless when they saw the magician to pierce a man by a big sword All the time the magician kept the boisterous students and their guardians spellbound with his tricks. There were more items such as balance show, juggling ball, tricks with cards, fire. The spectators burst out into loud cheers after each item. In this cyber-age, such magic shows can win the young hearts. After the end of the show, we came home fully joyful.

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