Three Questions : Important Notes(Descriptive Questions-Answers) for your Final HS Examination. Class -XII, WBCHSE, WEST BENGAL. Prepare quickly. Get common.

Three Questions : Important Notes

Three Questions:

1. How did the wounded man get treatment in the hermit’s hut?

Ans: In the story “Three Questions”, the Tsar and the hermit unfastened the wounded man’s clothings. When the wounded man reached the hut of the hermit, he fainted on the ground. He was very feeble and he was moaning. At that time the Tsar noticed the wound in the stomach of the man. The Tsar immediately washed it. He bandaged the wound with his handkerchief and the hermit’s towel. But the blood continued to flow. The bandage soaked with warm blood. They again washed and rebandaged the wound. Thus, when the wounded man regained his sense, he wanted to drink water. The Tsar immediately served him fresh water. Carrying the wounded man to the hermit’s hut they laid him on the bed of the hermit. He slept immediately and got back his life.

2. What were the three questions that had occurred to the Tsar? Why did he need correct answers to those questions? What did he do when he was not satisfied with the answers of the learned men?

Answer: the three questions that occurred to the Tsar were:

1. what was the right time to start any work.

2. who would be the right person in life to give much more importance than anyone else.

3. what was the most important work to do in the life.

The Tsar needed the correct answers to these questions because he wanted to be successful in every aspect of life. Tsar was not satisfied with answers given by learned men. So he did not give any reward to anyone.

3. “You have already been answered,” said the hermit. What were the hermit’s answers to the three questions asked by the Tsar ?

Answer: A certain Tsar was in trouble to get the right answers to three questions in the story ‘Three Questions’ by Leo Tolstoy. So, he invited many scholars to his royal court. All of the groups answered. But they all answered differently. So, their answers did not appeal to the Tsar. At last he decided to meet a hermit living in woods and receive all his answers.

First, according to the hermit, the most important time is, ‘now’ or present time because men have command over neither the past nor the future.

Secondly, the most important person is one with whom a man is at a point of time, because who knows if he will have dealings with any other person in the future.

Thirdly, the most important affair or business is to do good to others as man is born with that purpose only.

4. “The Tsar was so tired with the walk and the work he had done that he crouched down on the threshold and fell asleep.”-Where did the Tsar walk and why? What work had he done? How did he sleep?

Ans. The Tsar walked some distance to reach the hermit’s hut after dismounting from his horse.

After dismounting from his horse the Tsar walked as he knew that the hermit did not meet but a common man.

When he reached the hermit’s hut, he dug two seedbeds with a spade till sundown. A wounded man came to the hermit’s hut.  Then he nursed the wounded man who had fainted before him. He washed the wound of that man and bandaged the wound several times.

The Tsar was exhausted with his walk and work. So, being tired, he slept a sound sleep.

5. What happened to the bearded man ? How was he saved ? What did he finally do ?

Answer: When the Tsar finally requested the hermit to answer his three questions, the hermit saw a bearded man come running out of the wood. He had a wound in his stomach. He was wounded by the Tsar’s bodyguard when he came out from ambush to attack the Tsar. The Tsar had executed his brother and seized his property.

He was bleeding profusely. The Tsar and the hermit and bandaged him many times. Thus the blood stopped flowing. The Tsar laid him on a bed and nursed him until he fell asleep.

Finally, the bearded man confessed his guilt and begged pardon of the Tsar. He promised to serve the Tsar as his faithful slave.

What was the third question of the Tsar? How was this answered by the learned men? Was the Tsar satisfied with the answers of the three questions by the learned men? What did he decide to satisfy his curiosity?

The third question of the Tsar was – What was the most important thing to do? Or, what was the most important occupation?

In reply to the third question, some said that the most important thing in the world was science. Others said that it was the skill in warfare; and others replied that it was the religious worship.

No, the Tsar was not satisfied with the answers to the three questions by the learned men.

Finally, the Tsar decided to meet the wise hermit who lived in a wood.

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