Practice of Articles and Prepositions || English Grammar || Important for all Competitive Exams and Class Exams.

The Practice of Appropriate Articles:

1. The gold of Africa is very bright.

2. At last the beast in him got the upper hand.

3. We must fight for the liberty of the Press.

4. Slow and study wins the race.

5. He called me a fool.

6. The earlier, the best.

7. I can do it in an hour.

8. He speaks English like an English.

9. Let us enjoy a one-act drama.

10. She made a mistake.

11. I bought a dozen of pencils.

12. What a beautiful thing it is!

13. We started late in the afternoon.

14. He will leave for the USA.

15. Nazrul was the Byron of Bengal.

16. He is the tallest of all the boys in the class.

17. The rich are not always happy.

18. He caught me by the neck.

19. Who is the boy that beat you?

20. It is too difficult a book for me.

21. This is the pen which I lost yesterday.

22. The cow is an useful animal.

23. You are a Nazrul, I see.

24. She is the best girl in the class.

25. The work has come to an end.

26. A lion is the king of beasts.

27. Michael is the Milton of Bengal.

28. The father in him rose.

29. The hunting of tigers is a dangerous sport.

30. The pain is mightier than the sword.

31. We have a pet dog.

32. He seems to be an idiot.

33. None but a brave deserves the fair.

34. The Titanic sank in the Atlantic.

35. Every poet cannot be a Rabindranath.

Practice of Prepositions:

1. His father is in the room.

2. Put the book on the table.

3. The books are on the shelves.

4. I have bought the book with forty rupees.

5. The work was done in haste.

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