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On Killing a Tree – Question-Answers.  Do practice and Score good result in your HS Examination.(WBCHSE).WEST BENGAL.

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1 Describe the growth of the tree in the 1st stanza of “On Killing a Tree”.

Ans: A (একটি) fully (পুরোপুরি) grown up (বড়ো) tree (গাছ) is not (হয় না) due to (জন্য বা কারণে) the process (পদ্ধতি) of overnight development (রাতারাতি উন্নয়ন). (অর্থাৎ একটি গাছ রাতারাতি উন্নয়নের কারণে সম্পূর্ণভাবে বেড়ে ওঠে না)  The poet (কবি), very (খুব) carefully (সতর্ক ভাবে) and minutely (নিখুঁত ভাবে) describes (বর্ণনা করেছেন) the development (উন্নতি বা বৃদ্ধি) of a grown up tree (একটি পূর্ণবয়স্ক গাছের).

The opening line (প্রথম লাইন টি) of the poem (কবিতাটির) ‘It takes much time to kill a tree’ suggests (ইঙ্গিত বহন করে) that (যে) to kill a tree (একটি গাছ হত্যা করা) is not an easy task (সহজ কাজ নয়). According to (মতানুযায়ী) the poet (কবির), the tree (গাছটি) is too (এতই) strong (শক্তিশালী) to be killed (যে সেটাকে হত্যা করা যাবে না) in one go (এক কোপে) of a knife (একটি ছুরির). The logical (যুক্তিপূর্ণ) explanation (ব্যাখ্যা) is (হয়) that (যে) the tree (গাছটি) has grown (বড়ো হয়েছে) slowly (ধীরে ধীরে) by consuming (শোষণ করে) the earth (মাটি থেকে) for a long time (দীর্ঘ দিন ধরে). It has been feeding upon (এটা খেয়ে আসছে) the earth’s (পৃথিবীর) upper layer (উপরিভাগ থেকে). It has been absorbing (এটা শোষণ করে আসছে) the major (গুরুত্বপূর্ণ) elements (উপাদান) from earth (মাটি থেকে). Mother Nature (প্রকৃতি মা) supports (সাহায্য করে) to its development (এর বৃদ্ধিতে). It is nourished (এটি লালিত পালিত হয়) by Mother Nature herself (প্রকৃতি মার নিজের দ্বারা).

2. “It has grown / slowly consuming the earth.” – What is the significance of the line?

Ans: The above quoted line has been taken from the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’ by Gieve Patel.

By this line the poet means to say that the tree has gained its huge full form after “consuming the earth” for a long time. It draws its life force from the earth. The poet,here, uses it very carefully. It is a general notion that when something is being consumed, it should either be died out or be turned weak.  In a satirical view the poet indicates the heartless process of deforestation. Though the tree has become full grown by consuming the earth, it does not destroy the earth. Rather,it saves earth. It checks soil erosion.

3. Title of the poem.

Ans: The excellent poem, “On Killing a Tree” deals with a very common subject and it contains a sense of irony. It points out the tragic death of a tree. The poem shows the love for Nature. But nature is degraded by man. According to the poet, killing a tree is not an easy task. Even ‘hack and chop fails to kill it. It has taken its full form for years. The main power of a tree is in the hidden roots. Roots give a tree the solid support. To kill a tree, it is to be roped and pulled out completely. Then comes the matter of seasoning it. Actually,  the title expresses the tragedy associated in killing a tree. As the title finely highlights the main theme of the poem, it is apt.

4. “Out of its leprous hide/Sprouting leaves.”- What is the significance?

Ans: The extracted lines are from “On Killing a Tree” by Gieve Patel.

The bark of a tree is rough, patchy and has marks, shades of different colours just like a patient of leprosy. His skin is also rough , patchy and has marks. In order to indicate the roughness of the bark, the poet makes a comparison with a leprosy patient. Here ‘hide’ means bark. Moreover the poet, here, wants to present the tree as an evil, demonic creature who should be killed.

5. How does the tree heal itself?

Ans: According to the poet, the tree has a specific resistance power with the help of which it can easily heal itself. It is nurtured by Nature herself. So, when someone tries to killl a tree by ‘hacking and chopping ‘, he goes in vain. The bark of a tree emits a sap which helps the tree sprout its branches and twigs. If it is not trimmed again, it grows into a big tree and gets back its former size and glory. This process will take a long time to recover itself. Just as a human being recovers from illness, the tree also can recoup the attacks of axe.

6. “And the strength of the tree exposed.” –
What is the strength of the tree?
Where does this line occur? Why is it described as the strength of the tree?

The root is the strength of the tree.

The above-mentioned line occurs in Gieve Patel’s poem “On Killing a Tree.

According to the poet the root of a tree is is the strength of the tree. the route is described in such a way on a in the route is described in two ways. First, the the root helps a tree anchor to the earth. The root also prevents the tree from falling down. Secondly, with the help of the root a tree absorbs water and other mineral from the earth as food. Lying hidden under the earth for years the root keeps the tree living. A tree cannot grow without root. So, the root is ‘the strength of the tree’.

7. The poem “On Killing a Tree” describes man’s cruelty and violence to nature. Discuss.

Ans: The poem “On Killing a Tree” by Gieve. Patel describes the way a tree is killed. The Killing of the tree stands for the destruction of nature. The way a tree is processed for human use is overtly likened to the cruel act of hunting an animal. Man makes huge arrangements to kill a tree. It is roped and tied. Then it is pulled out from the anchoring earth. Finally the tree is turned into lifeless timber by withering and scorching. The entire process exposes cruelty and violence of men to nature. But surprisingly enough, man knows not that he invites his own doom by his atrocity and violence.

8. ‘No’

The root is to be pulled out’ – What does ‘No’ suggest here? What are the steps through which man can uproot a tree?

Ans: In the poem “On Killing a Tree”, by ‘No’, the poet wants to say that the act of hacking and chopping will not be able to kill a tree.

To kill a tree, the root is to be uprooted entirely. To wobble the strong base, the root of the tree should be tied and strangled with a tough cord. The is firmly spread inside the earth cave. The source of the tree is to be pulled out entirely with a snapping sound.

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