MCQ From Three Questions Very Important for HS Class 12 Final Exam West Bengal, WBCHSE.

MCQ From Three Questions

1. Each time the hermit stuck his spade into the ground, he-

a) breathed heavily

b) drank water

c) sat down for rest

d) wiped off the sweat on his forchead.

Ans: a) breathed heavily.

2. The wounded man swore to revenge himself on the Tsar because the Tsar –

a) unprisoned his brother

b) seized his kingdom

c) executed his brother and seized his property

d) killed his brother.

Ans: Executed his brother  and seized his property

3. The answers that the Tsar got from the
learned men, were all –

a) correct

b) different

c) similar

d) incorrect.

Ans: b) different.

4. Seeing the Tsar, the hermit –

a) offered him water

b) greeted him with a smile

c) offered him food

d) greeted him and went on digging

Ans: d) greeted him and went on digging.

5. The hermit opined that the most important thing to do is –

a) to help a man in trouble

b) to remain alert against certain ambush.

c) to amass as much money as possible for the future

d) to do good to human beings.

Ans: d) to do good to human beings.

6. The man will advise his sons –

a) to be honest.

b) to serve a good King like the Tsar.

c) not to forget the execution of the uncle.

d) to kill the Tsar.

Ans: b) to serve a good King like the Tsar.

7. The bearded man knew that –

a) the Tsar went alone to meet the hermit

b) the Tsar went with guards to protect him

c) the Tsar had gone to meet the hermit for advice

d) the Tsar had gone to arrest the hermit.

Ans: a) the Tsar went alone to meet the hermit.

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