Write a letter to your friend inviting to come to your village during Puja Vacation.

A letter to your friend inviting him to come to your village home during the Puja vacation.

Dear students, this page is very important for those students who are going to sit for Madhyamik and HS Exam. Here we have given a very important letter writing for you. If you want to score an attractive result in your final examination you must prepare this letter we have provided. We have prepared this letter keeping pace with the syllabus in West Bengal. It is very easy to memorize and prepare.

Here is the Letter Writing for You:



My dear Rustam,

I know very well that you have never visited to a village. It is realy very soothing. Why don’t you come and spend a few days during the Puja vacation in our village?

I am sure you will enjoy very much if you come. Our village is small but really very charming. Our village is not as crowded town in which you live. You will have here fresh vegetables and pure milk in sufficient quantity. But the thing you will enjoy most in our village is beautiful natural scenery. There is a small river close to our village. The river flows with its own sweet will. It adds to the beauty of our village. I am sure you will be charmed with the calm and quiet atmosphere here. Visit to our village will rid you of the din and bustle of the city life. It must remind you of Keats’s “one who has been long in city pent.

I once again ask you to come. Do please come and stay with us for a few days and enjoy.

No more today. With much love,

Your loving friend,


Sourav Rana

C/O- Sanjit Rana


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