MCQ from Leela’s Friend by R.K. Narayan || Very important Multiple Choice Questions of Leela’s Friend, Class Xi, WBCHSE, West Bengal.

MCQ from Leela’s Friend || Very important Multiple Choice Questions of Leela’s Friend, Class Xi, WBCHSE, West Bengal.

MCQ from Leela’s Friend

নীচে দেওয়া Multiple Choice Questions গুলি একাদশ শ্রেণীর বাৎসরিক পরীক্ষার জন্য ভীষণ গুরুত্বপূর্ণ। এই প্রশ্নগুলি প্রস্তুত করলে অবশ্যই সমস্ত MCQ Type Question কমন পাওয়া যাবে। তাই একাদশ শ্রেণীর ফাইনাল পরীক্ষায় খুব ভালো রেজাল্ট করতে চাইলে এই প্রশ্নগুলি অবশ্যই প্রস্তুত করে নিতে হবে।

1. What did Leela request her mother to tell a story about?

a) the demon

b) the tiger

c) the elephant

d) the giraffe

Ans: c) the elephant.

2. Mr Sivasanker was brooding over –

a) the salary problem

b) the servant problem

c) the tutor problem

d) the money problem.

Ans: b) the servant problem.

3. Sidda previously worked in the house of a –

a) lawyer

b) grocer

c) doctor

d) teacher.

Ans: c) doctor.

4. Sidda’s salary per month was –

a) ten rupees

b) four rupees

c) thirteen rupees

d) twenty rupees.

Ans: b) four rupees.

5. At first glance Mr Sivasanker liked Sidda because –

a) Siddha was innocent

b) Siddha was honest

c) Sidda was tidy

d) Sidda had presence of mind.

Ans: c) Sidda was tidy.

6. Sidda was –

a) a servant

b) Leela’s teacher

c) the driver of Leela’s father

d) a relative of Leela

Ans : a) a servant.

7. Sidda was not allowed to –

a) tender the garden

b) run errands

c) chop woods

d) sleep inside the room.

Ans: d) sleep inside the room.

8. Leela firmly believed that –

a) Sidda knew the moon

b) Sidda landed on the moon

c) Sidda knew God

d) Sidda stayed on the moon.

Ans: a) Sidda knew the moon.

9. Leela’s age was –

a) six years

b) seven years

c) eight years

d) five years.

Ans: d) five years.

10. Before taking any decision Mr Sivasanker called –

a) his daughter

b) a friend

c) his wife

d) a lawyer.

Ans: a) his daughter.

11. The thing that touched the moon was –

a) the coconut tree

b) the red ball

c) the well

d) the rose plant.

Ans: b) the red ball.

12. Sidda slept –

a) in Leela’s room

b) in the servant’s quarter

c) on Leela’s bed

d) outside the house.

Ans: d) outside the house.

13. The chain was found by –

a) Leela

b) Sidda

c) police

d) Leela’s mother.

Ans : d) Leela’s mother.

14. “Don’t go near him.” – this was said to Leela by –

a) Sivasanker

b) Leela’s mother

c) the police inspector

d) the police constable.

Ans: b) Leela’s mother.

15. “Sidda indicated a vague somewhere.” – Where did Sidda indicate? –

a) towards a hotel

b) towards a house

c) towards a bungalow

d) towards a temple

Ans: c) towards a bungalow.

16. According to Sidda, the moon is –

a) hot

b) dry

c) cold

d) wet.

Ans: d) wet.

17. Leela knew –

a) one or two letters

b) two or three letters

c) five or six letters

d) ten or twelve letters.

Ans: b) two or three letters.

18. Leela was in tears because –

a) her mother scolded her for playing outside the house

b) she had fallen down from the tree

c) the police took Sidda away to the police station

d) her father did not give Leela a new pen.

Ans: c) the police took Sidda away to the police station.

19. “Can’t you tell the story of the elephant?” – this was said to –

a) Leela

b) Leela’s father

c) Leela’s mother

d) Sidda.

Ans: c) Leela’s mother.

20. The gold chain was found in –

a) Sidda’s room

b) the tamarind pot

c) the almirah

d) the show case.

Ans: b) the tamarind pot.

21. Leela’s mother was unable to tell her a story when requested because –

a) she was sleeping

b) she did not know any story

c) she did not want to indulge Leela just then

d) her mind was disturbed with the thoughts of Sidda

Ans: d) her mind was disturbed with the thoughts of Sidda.

22. Leela keenly examined the ball for traces of –

a) dust

b) cloud

c) moon

d) stars

Ans: c) moon.

23. Everyday when Mr Sivasanker came home, he was asked by his wife –

a) about the police

b) about Leela

c) about Sidda

d) about the chain.

Ans: d) about the chain.

24. Before going to bed Leela had the habit of –

a) playing with Sidda

b) listening to the song of her mother

c) reading a story book

d) listening to Sidda’s story.

Ans: d) listening to Sidda’s story.

25. Sidda was hired because –

a) he had a good record of housekeeping

b) he pleaded with Mr. Sivasankar to be hired

c) he came with an introduction from the doctor

d) Leela decided he had to stay.

Ans: d) Leela decided he had to stay.

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