A Rainy Day – A Paragraph Writing

A Rainy Day – A Paragraph Writing


lt was a very hot summer day in June last year (গত বছর). I got up very early in the morning. When I was preparing myself for going to school, suddenly the weather changed. The sky was overcast (মেঘাচ্ছন্ন). The sky looked gloomy (বিষণ্ণ). A cool (ঠান্ডা) breeze (বাতাস) was blowing (বইছিল). It began to rain within half an hour. It started drizzling (গুঁড়ি গুঁড়ি বৃষ্টি হওয়া). So I dropped the idea of going to school. I asked my mother what to do. My mother told (বলল) me to go to school. So I started for school. I was on my halfway when the drizzle (গুুঁড়ি বৃৃৃষ্টি)  turned into (পরিণত হলো) a torrential (মুষলধারে) rain. The light gradually began to fail.

It started raining in great force. I was completely drenched (ভিজে যাওয়া). Having found no shelter (আশ্রয়), I began to run for school. The vehicles on the road stopped plying. The streets had been flooded. Ultimately I reached school. The fate (ভাগ্য) of all the students was the same. Seeing our condition ( অবস্থা), the Headmaster suspended (বাতিল করলেন) the classes for that day. The rain continued for a long time. So I started on my way home. While I was returning, I noticed that the roads and low-lying areas were under water. Rain drops were glittering on green leaves. I saw some children were playing football with their hearťs content (মনের আনন্দে). I enjoyed the day very much.

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