A letter to a friend describing your Experience of a Rainy Day. Very important for your Final Exam.

A letter to a friend describing your Experience of a Rainy Day.

Dear students, we are here with some specimen writings for your final exam. Hope this writing will help you. Our team has tried to prepare this letter with a view to meet the demands or needs of the students who are going to sit for various types of competitive examinations, especially Secondary and Higher Secondary Exam. A writing section is an excellent tool for the self – expression. It must be a beautiful blend of one’s thoughts and expression. The words used here are very simple and so, easy to memorize the writing.

Write a letter to your friend describing him the experience of a rainy day.



Dear Deb,

I had the experience of a rainy day at Kamarpukurthe day before. Yesterday when I got up from bed I saw the sky blackened with clouds early in the morning. At intervals, there were flashes of lightning along with the deafening roars of thunder. After some time it began to rain profusely. It was raining continuously for at least four hours. I was enjoying the same from inside my room. The roads were flooded. Most of the vehicles had ceased plying. Only the double-deckers were running on the roads splashing water on all sides.  People were going to the destination in knee-deep water with their clothes tucked up to the thighs and shoes in their hands. Some stout persons were carrying the old men and women in baskets on their heads.  They were also carrying little boys and girls in their baskets. I enjoyed the scene happily and at the same time, I understood the inconveniences which the common people had to face due to excessive rain.

with love,

Yours ever,


Deb Karmakar

Kolkata  – 700001                                                                                                     


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