Write a report on Dengue Prevention Campaign. Important For Madhyamik & HS Students, West Bengal.

“Dengue Prevention Campaign” – A Report Writing.

With a view to combat the dangerous and deadly disease dengue, our school arranged a “Dengue Prevention Campaign/Awareness Campaign”. The most effective way to get rid of dengue is awareness among the masses. All the students and respected teachers willingly and with much enthusiasm. We all joined our arms against the fear of dengue. Our teachers guided us. We all bore flags in our hands to give awareness message to the people of the adjoining area. Some of us bore flags bearing preventive measures relating to how to tackle the disease. All of us went door to door campaigning in the locality beside our school. “We can conquer against dengue” – was our message. We also distributed pamphlets among the masses.

The pamphlets were about the deadly disease dengue,  how it spreads, its preventive measures, how to avoid the threat of dengue etc. We also gave slogans to make everyone aware of dengue. On completion of the campaign our H.M. Mr. Bag. conducted a seminar on dengue.Our senior teachers gave their valuable speech about the effect of the disease, how to combat it, what measures we should follow, how to remain aware of and its remedy.

They asserted that people have necessity to be aware of the mosquito – breeding areas. Our teachers also urged the students to make sure that there is no water stagnation around surrounding areas. Some students also delivered speech about dengue. Some girls themselves composed a song about dengue and its remedies,  and they sang a chorus song on that day. Thus the campaign aimed at preventing water stagnation and removing mosquito – breeding grounds. This campaign encouraged the people and created a great enthusiasm among them.

This is a ready report writing on Dengue Prevention Campaign for Madhyamik and HS students.


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