A Thirsty Crow Story Writing.

A Thirsty Crow

It was a very (খুব) hot (তপ্ত) summer (গ্রীষ্মের)  day. A crow lived (বাস করত) in a deep (গভীর) forest (জঙ্গল). Due to (করণে) scorching heat (প্রখর তাপ) of the sun the crow was very thirsty (তৃষ্ণার্ত).  Ha started looking for (খুঁজতে) water.  He flew (উড়ে গেল) here and there (এখানে সেখানে) in search of (খোঁজে) water. But he could not find (খুঁজে পাওয়া) water anywhere.  At last he found a pitcher. He quickly flew to it but saw water at the very bottom (তলদেশ) of the pitcher. He tried time and again (বারবার) to drink (পান করা) water. But he could not. He could not reach (পৌঁছানো) at the bottom of the pitcher. Suddenly he hit upon a plan (ফন্দি আঁটলো). He saw some pebbles (নুড়ি) around the pitcher. He flew to the pebbles and picked up some pebbles. Then he  dropped (ফেলে দিল) those pebbles one by one into the pitcher. Gradually,  the level (স্তর) of water rose high up to the brim ,(কিনারা) of the pitcher. Now he drank the water to his heart’s content (মনের তৃপ্তিতে) and quenched (প্রশমিত করলো) his thirst. The crow became happy and flew away.

Moral: Where there is a will there is a way. (ইচ্ছা থাকলে উপায় হয়।)

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