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Short Questions from Daybreak: Get SAQ Type short questions from “Daybreak” by H. W. Longfellow. Prepare these questions and answers. You can definitely score an attractive result in your annual examination. Our endeavour will enrich your store of knowledge. So, if you want to get highest marks, you must prepare these SAQ Type short questions with great care.

Question: Who wrote the poem?

Ans: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote the poem “Daybreak”.

Question: From where did the wind come in “Daybreak “?

Ans: The wind came from the sea.

Question: What is ‘belfry-tower’?

Ans: Belry-tower is a raised room in the church building where the church bells are kept.

Question: “Proclaim the hour” – What does the ‘hour’ refer to here?

Ans: Here the ‘hour’ refers to daybreak.

Question: “Proclaim the hour!” – Who is called to proclaim the hour?

Ans: The church bells are called to proclaim the hour.

Question: Where does the wind finally reach?

Ans: Finaly the wind reaches the churchyard tomb.

Question: What is compared with clarion in the poem “Daybreak”?

Ans: In the poem “Daybreak”, the crow of the domestic cock is compared with clarion.

Question: How does the wind express his sorrow for the dead?

Ans: The wind expresses his sorrow for the dead with a sigh.

Question: Why does the wind say ‘not yet’ when he comes to the graveyard?

Ans: On reaching the graveyard the wind says ‘not yet’ as the dead departed soul cannot be called to life.

Question: What does the wind tell the dead souls?

Ans: The wind tells the dead souls to lie quiet in the grave.

Question: What makes the wind sad at the end of his journey?

Ans: The wind is sad at the sight of the grave where life stands still.

Question: What is the message of Longfellow’s poem Daybreak’?

Ans: The message of Longtellow’s poem “Daybreak” is that man should make the most of his life by deeds and duties, come what may.

Question: Give an example of ‘personification’ from the poem.

Ans: A fine example of personification is: “O bell! proclaim the hour.”

Question: What do you mean by ‘wood-bird’s folded wings’?

Ans: It means the birds in the wood were with folded wings in the nests taking rest.

Question: What would the bell proclaim?

Ans: The bell would proclaim the power of dawn.

Question: What are ‘leafy banners’?

Ans: The image ‘leafy banners’ implies the small branches arnd twigs of trees loaded with green leaves.

Question: Why is the forest asked to hang out its leafy banners?

Ans: The forest is asked to hang out its leafy banners so that birds and beasts living on them can sense the daybreak.

Question: lt said unto the forest, ‘shout’! – How can the forest shout?

Ans: The forest is the abode of many birds and beasts. They will sense daybreak at the sight of the swirling leaves. And then they will make the forest alive with their shouts and songs.

Question: How does the wind try to awaken the sleeping birds?

Ans: The wind tries to awaken the sleeping birds by his sweet caressing touch.

Question: What does the expression ‘folded wings’ signify?

Ans: The expression ‘folded wings’ signifies that the bird is at rest in its nest.

Question: What does the wind ask the wood-bird to do?

Ans: The wind asks the wood-bird to sing.

Question: How can ‘chanticleer’ herald the arrival of the day break?

Ans: The chanticleer can herald the arrival of the daybreak by blowing his clarion.

Question: What is the ‘clarion’ of the chanticleer?

Ans: The high pitched shrill voice of the chanticleer is his clarion.

Question: How can the cornfields bow down before the morning sun?

Ans: The wind passing through the cornfields makes them bow down before the morning sun.

Question: Why does the wind tell the mists to make room for him?

Ans: The wind tells the mists to make room for him as they cover the sea and obstruct his way.

Question: In which state is the sea when the wind comes out of it?

Ans: When the wind comes out of the sea, it is still sleepy and covered with mists.

Question: Who seems to obstruct the wind?

Ans: The mists seem to obstruct the wind.

Question: Whom does the wind hail in the sea?

Ans: The wind hails the sleepy ships in the sea.

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Question: What does the wind advise the mariners?

Ans: The wind advises the mariners to set sail at daybreak.

Question: Why does the wind announce the daybreak to the mariners?

Ans: After the day long ‘trick’ the mariners enjoy sweet sleep and are not aware of the daybreak. To rouse them from their sleep, the wind announces the daybreak.

Question: does the wind do after waking the mariners up?

Ans: After waking the mariners up, the wind moves faster towards far off lands.

Question: Why, do you think, is the wind in haste?

Ans: The wind is in haste because he has to awaken all betore the day appears in full splendour.

Question: What does the wind expect from the forest for celebrating the daybreak?

Ans: The wind expects that the forest should hang all his leafy banners out to celebrate the daybreak.

Question: Whom does the wind tell to make room for him?

Ans: The does the wind tell to make room for him.

Question: How does the poem “Daybreak” come to an end?

Ans: The poem “Daybreak” comes to an end with a Christian note.

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