MCQ From The Passing Away of Bapu for Madhyamik Class X Students of West Bengal. Important for Madhyamik Final Examination, Multiple Choice Questions.

MCQ from The Passing Away of Bapu. Multiple Choice Questions. A lot of Questions with answers. Prepare them an score an attractive result. Don’t Miss.

1. Gandhiji had been shot on his way to-

a) a prayer meeting

b) an evening prayer

c) a family meeting

d) the Birla House.

Ans: b) an evening prayer

2. Gandhiji had been shot on –

a) 30 th January, 1947

b) 30 th September, 1948

c) 30 th January, 1948

d) 2 nd October, 1948.

Ans: c) 30 th January, 1948.

3. The author came to know about Gandhiji’s death by –

a) a letter

b) a telegram

c) a telephone call

d) a public broadcast.

Ans: c) a telephone call

4. When one is faced with the shock of a loved one’s death, one-

a) whimpers

b) laughs

c) claps

d) shouts.

Ans: a) whimpers

5. After getting the bad news, the author rushed to the-

a) Sabarmati Ashram

b) Ham Manohar Lohia Hospital

c) Red Fort

d) Birla House.

Ans: d) Birla House.

6. Outside the Birla House, initially the people were-

a) unnaturally silent

b) violent

c) mourning

d) demonstrating.

Ans: a) unnaturally silent.

7. People had gathered to-

a) see Gandhiji for the last time

b) create a pandemonium

c) create an unnatural silence

d) attend a prayer meeting.

Ans: a) see Gandhiji for the last time.

8. People of Delhi mourned Gandhiji’s death like –

a) matured persons

b) eccentrics

c) lost children

d) political leader

Ans: c) lost children.

9. After the immersion of Gandhiji’s ashes, the followers went to –

a) Delhi

b) Banaras

c) Kolkata

d) Allahabad.

Ans: a) Delhi.

10. With Gandhiji’s passing away, the writer felt that the magic circle had –

a) reappeared

b) disappeared

c) become bigger

d) appeared.

Ans: disappeared.

11. People gathered around the Birla house to –

a) hear their leader

b) to offer their leader some special gifts

c) to see their leader for the last time

d) to help their leader.

Ans: c) to see their leader for the last time.

12. The news of Gandhiji’s death spread like a –

a) wind

b) spring

c) fire

d) flame.

Ans: c) fire.

13. The author felt that she had grown up within a –

a) magic circle

b) unsocial circle

c) wholesome circle

d) vicious circle.

Ans: a) magic circle.

14. Gandhiji’s Ashes were immersed in the –

a) Yamuna

b) Ganges

c) Godabari

d) Thames.

Ans: b) Ganges.

15. Gandhiji’s figure was –

a) slight

b) heavy

c) tall

d) stout.

Ans: a) slight.

16. Gandhiji’s funeral was to take place-

a) on the day of his death

b) two days after his death

c) one day after his death

d) a week after his death.

Ans: c) one day after his death.

17. Padmasi was Mrs Naidu’s –

a) niece

b) sister

c) friend

d) daughter.

Ans: d) daughter.

18. The author made an effort to –

a) forget Gandhiji

b) be an onlooker

c) walk back to Delhi

d) revive herself from a state of despair.

Ans: c) revive herself from a state of despair.

19. The narrator comments that to walk is to make –

a) a tiresome journey

b) no progress

c) rapid progress

d) slow progress.

Ans: d) slow progress.

20. People sang bhajans because –

a) it cast away bad omens.

b) Gandhiji had taught them many bhajans

c) it smoothened their minds

d) it invoked a feeling of Gandhiji’s presence.

Ans: d) it invoked a feeling of Gandhiji’s presence.

21. The last walk with Bapu was – (2018)

a) pleasant

b) painful

c) strange

d) delightful.

Ans: d) delightful.

22. According to the narrator, walk required – 

a) a lot of money

b) vehicle

c) one’s own body and energy

d) a walking stick.

Ans: c) one’s own body and energy.

23. Gandhiji’s ideals will live among –

a) men

b) women

c) the youth of the following generations.

d) followers

Ans: c) the youth of the following generations.

24. Gandhiji transformed walking into –

a) freedom

b) happiness

c) joyful effort

d) progress.

Ans: c) joyful effort.

25. Gandhiji awakened people to one another’s –

a) sufferings

b) indifference

c) happiness

d) affluence.

Ans: a) sufferings.

MCQ From The Passing Away of Bapu.

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