Important MCQ Questions from Father’s Help for Class X 10th Level Students WBBSE West Bengal.

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Write the correct alternative to complete the following sentences:

Swami realized that it was a Monday morning with a feeling of –

a) shudder

b) cold

c) fever

d) shake.

Ans: a) shudder.

Swami was suggested to stay at home by his –

a) aunt

b) father

c) grandfather

d) mother.

Ans: d) mother.

It seemed only a moment ago it was –

a) Sunday

b) Monday

c) Friday

d) Saturday.

Ans: d) Friday.

The name of the teacher whom Swami was afraid of was –

a) Samuel

b) Claude

c) Michael

d) Johnson.

Ans: d) Samuel.

“Even the headmaster is afraid of him.” – here ‘him’ refers to –

a) Swaminathan’s father

b) the teacher Samuel

c) Swaminathan

d) Robert.

Ans: the teacher Samuel.

The change of Swami’s father’s behaviour was –
a) unexpected

b) strict

c) expected

d) usual.

Ans: a) unexpected.

Swami’s father composed a long letter to the headmaster by the time –

a) Swami got ready

b) Swami took his breakfast

c) Swami collected his books into the bag

d) Summit took his bath.

Ans: a) Swami got ready.

Samuel’s moustache was –

a) dark

b) bright

c) thin

d) unshaven.

Ans: c) thin.

In the school Samuel taught –

a) Biology

b) Geometry

c) Arithmetic

d) Algebra.

Ans: c) Arithmetic.

While going to school, Swaminathan stopped –

a) on the roadside

b) at the gate of the school

c) at the gate of his house

d) in the school ground.

Ans: a) on the roadside.

The school bell rang for the last period at –

a) 3:30 p.m.

b) 4:30 p.m.

c) 4.00 p.m.

d) 5.00 p.m.

Ans: b) 4.30 p.m.

Personally Samuel was –

a) amiable

b) wise

c) strict

d) unalienable.

Ans: a) amiable.

Samuel put on –

a) yellow shirt

b) green shirt

c) green coat

d) yellow coat.

Ans: d) yellow coat.

When Swami sat he felt –

a) worried

b) relieved

c) sad

d) disappointed.

Ans: c) sad.

Swami was late by –

a) two hours

b) one and half hour

c) one hour

d) half an hour.

Ans: d) half an hour.

At 9:30 a.m. Swami was lying on the –

a) table

b) floor

c) bench

d) bed.

Ans: c) bench.

Father advised Swami to move about less on –


b) Fridays

c) Sundays

d) Saturdays.

Ans: Sundays.

Samuel did not like the boys to be –

a) indifferent

b) noisy

c) late

d) irregular.

Ans: c) late.

Father decided to send the headmaster a –

a) telegram

b) notice

c) report

d) letter.

Ans: d) letter.

Samuel had –

a) a long beard

b) a clearly shaven cheek

c) an unshaven cheek

d) a French cut beard.

Ans: c) an unshaven cheek.

Father’s letter was –

a) prolonged

b) editorial

c) brief

d) rude.

Ans: a) prolonged.

Swami complained of a headache half an hour before –

a) prayer

b) lunch

c) attendance at prayer

d) study.

Ans: c) attendance at prayer.

Swami wailed when it was –

a) 10 o’clock

b) 5 o’clock

c) 9 o’clock

d) 7 o’clock.

Ans: c) 9 o’clock.

The more Swami thought of Samuel the more –

a) disappointed he felt

b) cheerful he felt

c) angry he felt

d) aggrieved he felt.

Ans: d) aggrieved he felt.

The description that Swami gave away about Samuel was –

a) partly real

b) a combination of real and imaginary

c) hardly real

d) totally imaginary.

Ans: b) a combination of real and imaginary.

Swami found a sudden change in his father’s –

a) mode

b) movement

c) activity

d) behaviour.

Ans: d) behaviour.

Swami told his teacher that he had a –

a) injury

b) cough

c) fever

d) headache.

Ans: d) headache.

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