Karma – Important Short Questions For Class – XI Students, WBCHSE, West Bengal.

Karma – Important Short Questions for the students of Class – XI in West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. Prepare these short questions and score a very good result in your final examination. The students will get answers to SAQs (Short Answer Type Questions) in a complete sentence. We have prepared these questions in a full complete sentence. Class XI English (B) Short Questions.Short Questions from “Karma” by Khushwant Singh, WBCHSE, West Bengal.

1. Q: Who is the author of  “Karma”?

Ans: Khushwant Singh, the famous short story writer, and journalist is the author of the short story “Karma”.

2. Q: What was Sir Mohan Lal looking at in the first-class waiting room of the railway station?

Ans: In the short story “Karma”, Sir Mohan Lal was looking at himself in the mirror of the first-class waiting room.

3. Q: How did Sir Mohan Lal smile at the mirror?

Ans. Sir Mohan Lal smiled at the mirror with an air of pity and patronage.

4. Q: From where was Sir Mohan’s suit?

Ans: Sir Mohan’s suit was from Saville Row.

5. Q: Describe the condition of the mirror in the first-class waiting room of the railway station.

Ans: The red oxide at the back of the mirror had come off at several places and long lines of translucent glass cut across its surface.

6. Q: What was Sir Mohan Lal?

Ans: Sir Mohan Lal was a vizier and a barrister.

7. Q: What did Lachmi’s tiffin contain?

Ans: Lachmi’s tiffin contained chapatti’s and mango pickle.

8. Q: What is the source of this story?

Ans: The source of this story is “The Collected Stories”.

Karma – Important Short Questions:

9. Q: In which language is the word ‘zenana’ used?

Ans: The word ‘zenana’ is used in Hindi language.

10. Q: What does the expression ‘tickety-boo’ mean?

Ans: The expression ‘tickety-boo’ means everything in order.

11. Q: What was the betel leaf case of Lady Lal made of?

Ans: The betel leaf case of Lady Lal was made of silver.

12. Q: With whom did Lachmi chat away merrily?

Ans: Lachmi chatted away merrily with the coolie.

13. Q: When did Lachmi emit a long, loud belch?

Ans. Lachmi emitted a long, loud belch after eating chapattis with mango pickle.

14. Q: What did Mohan Lal think about himself?

Ans. Sir Mohan Lal thought that he was a distinguished, efficient, and handsome man.

15. Q: How was Lachmi clad?

Ans: Lachmi was clad in a dirty white sari with a red border.

16. Q: What was Lachmi’s mouth bloated with?

Ans: Lachmi’s mouth was bloated with betel saliva.

17. Q: How were Lachmi’s relatives?

Ans: Lachmi’s relatives were poor and illiterate.

18. Q: What was Lachmi fond of?

Ans: Lachmi was fond of gossipping.

19. Q: Where did Lachmi find her seat in the train?

Ans: Lachmi found her seat by the window in the train.

20. Q: What were exhibitions of bad breeding?

Ans: Excitement, bustle, and hurry were exhibitions of bad breeding.

21. Q: What does the word ‘nigger’ mean?

Ans: The word ‘nigger’ means ‘black man’.

22. Q: What is the meaning of the expression ‘Toodle-oo’?

Ans: The expression ‘Toodle-oo’ means ‘see you later’.

23. Q: Give the moral of this story?

Ans: The moral of the story is “Pride comes before a fall”.

24. Q. When did Sir Mohan call ‘koi hai’?

Ans: Before the approaching of the train into the station, when Sir Mohan waited in the first-class waiting room, he called ‘koi hai’.

25. Q. “So they never came.” – Who never came?

Ans: The poor and illiterate relatives of Lady Lal never came.

26. Q. “I’ll have you arrested.” – Who said this and to whom?

Ans: Sir Mohan said this to the two English soldiers who threw Sir Mohan’s suitcase, thermos flask, briefcase, and The Times outside the train.

27. Q: What did the bell announce?

Ans: The bell announced the arrival of the train.

28. Q: What was Lachmi’s husband?

Ans: Lachmi’s husband was a vizier and a barrister.

29. Q: Where did Lady Lal spit?

Ans: Lady Lal spat on the dark part of the platform.

30. Q: “His heart warmed at the prospect of an impressive conversation.” – Whose heart is referred to here?

Ans: Here the ‘heart of Sir Mohan Lal is referred to.

31. Q: What was the name of Lady Lal?

Ans: The name of Lady Lal was Lachmi.

32. Q: What had come off from the mirror?

Ans: The red oxide had come off from the mirror.

33. “Keep your ruddy mouth shut!” – Who is the speaker?

Ans: One of the two English soldiers is the speaker here.

34. What do you mean by ‘zenana’?

Ans: The word ‘zenana’ means an ordinary compartment for ladies in a train.

35. What food items did Lady Lal have before getting into the train?

Ans: Lady Lal had a bundle of cramped chapattis and some mango pickle as food before getting into the train.

36. When was Khushwant Singh born?

Ans: Khushwant Singh, the author of the story “Karma” was born on 2nd February 1915.

37. What do you mean by ‘karma’?

Ans: Here the word ‘karma’ means ‘destiny’.

38. Which act of the British soldiers finally angers Sir Mohan Lal?

Ans: Sir Mohn Lal was outraged by their throwing out of his suitcase and other belongings on to the platform.

39. Who carried Lachmi’s luggage?

Ans: A coolie carried Lachmi’s luggage.

40. How does Sir Mohan Lal speak English?

Ans: Sir Mohan Lal spoke English in Oxford accent.

41. Where from is the story “Karma” taken”?

Ans: The short story “karma” Khushwant Singh is taken from “The Collected Stories”.

Prepare these Important Short Questions from Karma. Karma – Important Short Questions.

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