Karma – Important Notes for Class XI Students of West Bengal, WBCHSE, West Bengal. Descriptive type Questions with answer.

Karma – Important Notes

Question 1: Give the summary Lachmi’s conversation with the coolie.

Ans: When Lady Lal was waiting for the train, she called a passing railway coolie. She asked him where the zenana usually stopped. The coolie replied that it stopped at the right end of the platform. Then they walked down the platform. Then she further asked the coolie if the trains were crowded on those lines. The coolie replied that she must find room in zenana though all trains were usually crowded. Lady Lal decided to finish off her meal in the meantime. When she was eating, the coolie asked her if she was travelling alone. She informed that she was accompanied by her master who was a vizier and a barrister. He met many officers and Englishmen in the train. Being only a native woman, she neither understood English nor knew their ways. So she kept to the zenana inter class. Thus, they conversed.

2. “His face lit up..” Describe the situation that followed. Or, Narrate Sir Mohan’s encounter with the Englishmen.

Ans: A feeling of extreme happiness flashed upon Sir Mohan’s face when he saw two English soldiers trudging along with their haversacks on their back. He then decided to welcome them. In the meantime, the soldiers came and looked into the window. One of them reviled Mr. Mohan as ‘nigger’ and told the other to get him out. Then they opened the door and turned to Mr. Mohan. Mohanlal stood bewildered. They threatened him by showing their khaki shirt and asked him to get out. Sir Mohan mumbled and protested but in vain. They picked up Sir Mohan’s luggage and threw them out one by one. Sir Mohan shouted for the guard. One of them struck Mohan flat on his face. They caught him by the arms and threw him out of the train.

Karma – Important Notes

প্রিয় ছাত্র ছাত্রী, এখন করোনা ভাইরাসের কারণে লক ডাউন চলছে। তোমরা কেউ বাইরে বেরিও না। আমরা নিয়মিত অনলাইনে পড়াশুনা করতে পারি। প্রয়োজনে তোমাদের পঠন পাঠন বিষয়ে কমেন্ট করো নীচের কমেন্ট বক্সে।

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