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The Proposal : Important Notes for HS Final Examination. Prepare and Score an Outstanding Result. Important questions and answers from “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov. Descriptive or broad questions and answers from “The Proposal”. DAQ for HS Final exam.

“The Proposal” – নামক নাটক থেকে অত্যন্ত গুরুত্বপূর্ণ বর্ণনামূলক প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর। DAQ টাইপের প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর। উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক পরীক্ষার জন্য ভীষণ গুরুত্বপূর্ণ। এই প্রশ্ন-উত্তরগুলি তৈরি করো এবং পরীক্ষায় আশানুরূপ ফলাফল করো।

1. Describe the character of Lomov.

Ans: The central character of the play “The Proposal” is Lomov. Lomov is a neighbour of Chubukov. He himself is a landowner. He is 35 years old. Lomov does not want to delay to get married. He likes Chubukov’s daughter, Natalya. Natalia is a tolerable girl. But he is in dilemma how to make the proposal. Lomov likes to pick up quarrel for nothing. he thinks his family is esteemed. But he is always obsessed with his health. He thinks he will not live for a long time. Besides he has some absurdities. He is fanciful. Actually he likes to marry Natalya for some personal gain. a demands Oxen Meadows as their own. Ultimately, he makes a mess of the whole matter.

2. Describe the character of Natalya.

Ans: Natalya is a young and beautiful girl. She is the daughter of the landowner, Chubukov. Natalya is 25 years old. She is very efficient in managing household works. She also manages agricultural works. Natalya is well educated. Lomov like these qualities. So he decides to propose to her. Natalia is very about their family respect and possession. When Lomov demands the oxen Meadows to be their own, Nataliya argues with him. A caustic quarrel continues between them. Natalya seems to stand form in her arguments. But the moment Natalia comes to know that Lomov came to propose to her, she changes her mind. She also likes to accept Lomov as own husband. In such condition, the property is pushed into corner. She is also very conscious that the owner of her father’s property will automatically come to them. Ultimately Natalya gets married with Lomov and seems to be very happy.

3. Why did Lomov decide to get married? Whom did he want to marry and why?

Ans: Lomov took decision to get married for many reasons. He thought that he was 35 years old and that was a critical age as he thought he was at the very end of his youth. Till now he had found none for true love. So, further waiting would cause the loss of time, and thus he would cross the actual time for getting married. He had been suffering from nervous malfunctions. He realized the necessity of someone in his life. He needed a quiet and regular life. So he decided to get married.

Lomov wanted to marry Natalya Stepanovna because she was an excellent housekeeper and well-educated.

4. “Natalya Ivanovna, I don’t want the Meadows, but I am acting on principle.”-
Who is the speaker? Which meadows are referred to here? What did the speaker mean to say here?

Ans: Ivan Lomov is the speaker here.

Here the speaker Lomov refers to the ‘Oxen Meadows’. Actually, the Meadows are owned by the Chubukovs but the speaker demands that the Lomovs are the real owner of the meadows.

Lomov tries his best to establish that the Chubukovs are only the land-grabbers. The Oxen Meadows actually belong to the family of the Lomovs. He says that documents also support his claim. But Natalya, the daughter of Chubukov, does not accept this unjust claim. She firmly informs that they will not give up anything of their property. Now Lomov goes on arguing. At last he says that he does not want to have the meadows. But he can’t go against principle. He must expose the truth. According to him, the truth is that the Chubukovs have so far deprived the Lomovs of their real property.

5. Why does Lomov think Natalya will make an acceptable wife?

Ans: Lomov was very well aware of the fact that in the market of marriage lomov actually was not a very covetable groom. He was standing at a very critical age which was 35. This was too much for getting married. He had palpitations and many other ailments. Even he could not sleep peacefully at night.

On the other hand, Natalia was 25 years old. She was an excellent housekeeper, not bad-looking. She was also well-educated and Lomov desired a peaceful and quiet life in future. That is why, Lomov did not hesitate to marry Natalya.

6. “We’ve had the land for nearly three hundred years” – Who is the speaker ? Who is spoken to ? What is referred to as ‘the land’? What do you know of the land from their conversation ? 1+1+1+3 (H.S. 2018)

Ans. In the one-act play “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov, Natalya Stepanovna is the speaker of the above mentioned remark.

Here the person spoken to is Lomov.

Oxen meadows are referred to as ‘the land’.

From their conversation it is very clear that Oxen meadows were a land of controversy. Both of the families were claiming that it was their own land. Lomov was claiming the land as their own based on his own logic and claim of documents. On the other hand, this claim was surprising to Natalya, as according to her, they were using the land for nearly three hundred years.

7. “You are not a neighbor, you’re a grabber “- Who says this ? To whom? Why is this said ?

In the one-act play “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov, this haughty and disrespectful utterance comes from Lomov towards Chubukov, the father of Natalya, whom he wants to marry.

Where it is expected that in conversation with Natalya, Lomov will be romantic and emotional, he enters into a controversy about the ownership of Oxen Meadows. Both of them start to claim Oxen Meadows to be their own. Hot debate continues, Chubukov takes the side of his daughter. Again and again Chubukov warns Lomov not to utter foul words against him as he is a very elder person. But who listens to! Lomov addresses him to be grabber, not a neighbour. The readers get a lot of fun from their gestures and hot talks.

8. “I’m the most unhappy of men!”-Who is the speaker? Why did he say so? How did the speaker get rid of his unhappiness ?

1+3+2 (H.S. 2019)

Ans: In the one-act play “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov, Chubukov is the speaker of the above mentioned remark.

Chubukov felt the burden of an unmarried girl on his shoulder for a long time. Lomov came with a proposal for her. But both Natalya and Lomov entered into quarreling in such a manner that the proposed marriage was about to be ruined. In agitation Lomov lost his sense and it seemed that he had died. Then out of extreme frustration Chubukov said so.

When Lomov came to sense, without wasting a single moment Chubukov gave their marriage to get rid of his unhappiness.

9. “Forgive us Ivan Vassilevitch, we were all a little heated.”- Who is the speaker ? Who are referred to by us’ ? Why were the persons referred to ‘a little heated’? Why does the speaker ask for forgiveness ? 1+1+2+2 [H.S. 2016]

Ans: In the famous one-act play “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov, Natalya Stepanovna is the speaker.

Natalaya refers to herself and Lomov mainly by ‘us’ as they two quarrelled a lot. Natalya’s father Chubukov also took part in the verbal fighting.

There was no question of quarrelling as Lomov came to propose Natalya where both the daughter and her father were willing. But in the midst of conversation Lomov mentioned Oxen meadows as his own land. Natalya protested instantly and quarrel started because neither of them was willing to accept that the land was not, of their own.

Natalya asked for forgiveness not because she thought that the land was actually of Lomov but she wanted to forget that topic so that Lomov could place his proposal in front of Natalya. She was also eager to marry Lomov.

10. “She is like a love-sick cat”- Who says this and to whom? About whom is it said? Why does the speaker say so? (2+1+3)

Ans: In Anton Chekhov’s one-act play The Proposal” Chubukov says this to Lomov.

The above quoted line is said about the daughter of Chubukov, Natalya.

As soon as Chubukov comes to know about Lomov’s proposal, he wants to make the marriage happen as early as possible. He feels the pressure of being the father ot a grown-up daughter. He really wants to get his daughter married and his neighbour Lomov appears to him a prospective groom. He wants to enkindle the hope of marriage in the heart of Lomov. He wants to feel Lomov appreciated and honoured, so that Lomov will be quick footed in accepting Natalya as a perfect bride.

11. “If you like, I will make you a present of them”. – Who is the speaker? Who is the person spoken to? What would the speaker make a present of? Why did the speaker say so? (1+1+1+3) (2017 HS EXAM)

Ans: In the play “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov, the speaker is Natalya Stepanovna.

Here the person spoken to is Lomov.

In the hot controversy between Natalya and Lomov, Natalya told that she could make a present of Oxen Meadows to lomov. Here Oxen Meadows is the land of controversy.

According to Natalya, Oxen Meadows belonged to them. On the other hand, Lomov claimed the land to be their own. But Natalya was reluctant to accept Lomov’s claim. She also informed Lomov that she was not much interested in the land. Even she could make a present of the land to Lomov, but she was not agreed with Lomov’s claim. That is why the speaker said this.

12. “Why, he came here so as to propose to you.” – Who came to propose? What was the proposal? Who said this and to whom? How did the person spoken to react to this?

Ans: In Chekhov’s one-act play “The Proposal”, Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov came to propose.

The proposal was to ask Natalya for her consent in marriage.

Chubukov, the landwoner, said this to his daughter Natalya.

Natalya was astonished to hear this news. She blamed her father for not telling her about the proposal. She fell into the easy chair and wailed. She behaved like a hysteria patient and forced her father to bring Lomov back.

13. “Bring him back! Back! Ah! Bring him here” -Who said this and to whom? When is this said? Why was the speaker so excited?

Ans: In the play “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov, Natalya said this to her father Chubukov.

At first, Natalya did not know about the purpose of Lomov’s visit to their house. But when she came to know that Lomov had come with a marriage proposal, she said this.

Natalya conversed with Lomov about the ownership of Oxen Meadows. Then she did not know that Lomov had come to propose her. Then followed a quarrel and Lomov was forced to leave their house. But when Natalya came to know about the marriage proposal of Lomov, she began to wail vehemently and asked her father to bring him back. So, she was excited.

14. “Shut up or I’ll shoot you like a partridge!”-Who says this and to whom? When does the speaker say this? Why does person say so? [2 +2+2 = 6]

Ans. Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov says this to Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov in the play “The Proposal”.

Natalya Stepanovna and her father Chubukov tease Lomov and almost insult him by doubting his ability to hunt. An angry Lomov calls Chubukov an intriguer and also an old rat. Chubukov now becomes angry and warns Lomov by saying the quoted line when Lomov calls him a Jesuit.

When the father and the daughter tease Lomov, he gets excited and feels a severe palpitation. He also accuses of going hunting only to get in with the Count and intrigue. At this Chubukov warns him to shut up. But Lomov calls him a Jesuit. This word ‘Jesuit is used to insult Chubukov. Chubukov loses his temper and shouts at Lomov that he will shoot him like a partridge if does not shut his mouth.

15. Is Chubukov a sensible father ? How do you know? [H.5. 2016]

Ans: In Anton Checkov’s “The Proposal”, humour (কৌতুক) and farce (পরিহাস) predominates (প্রাধান্য বিস্তার করছে). Chubukov is the businessman-like father who must push for the best interest regarding daughter and property. He cannot be called irresponsible as he thinks about the marriage of his daughter Natalya seriously. So when proposal comes from Lomov, he becomes jubilant and makes himself farcical with his exaggerated (বাড়াবাড়ি) expressions. Both Natalya and Lomov are eager to marry in-spite of their serious quarrel. Chubukov is no less. So when he gets the situation, he forces them to marry at the earliest to unload the burden of an unmarried daughter from his shoulder. In his attitude and expression, he may be ludicrous but about his sensibility related to both daughter and propety there is no doubt.

16. Write a note the contemporary social life in the play “The Proposal”.

Ans: Social life, as presented in the play “The Proposal”, is full of hypocrisy (ভন্ডামি). The social picture presented in this play is always double faced where financial and social security plays the pivotal role (প্রধান ভূমিকা).

The characters of the play are Chubukov, Natalya and Lomov. They are all in satiric tune where love and emotion play very littie role, but the social security is the main inspiration (প্রেরণা).

According to Chekhov, marriage is rarely happy. It gives birth to continual unhappines and uncertainty (অনিশ্চয়তা). So, he presents a social satiric (ব্যঙ্গাত্মক) drama.

17. “My dear fellow, why are you so formal in your get-up?” – Who is the speaker? To whom is it spoken? How was his ge-tup? Why is the person spoken to dressed in this way? (1+1+2+2)


Chubukov, the father of Natalya, is the speaker of the above-mentioned line in the play “The Proposal”.

Chubukov says this to his guest Lomov.

Lomov has come to Chubukov’s house wearing a dress jacket and white gloves. He is so much formal in his get-up.

Wearing evening dress jacket, Lomov has come to the house of Chubukov. Actually, he has the intention to propose to Natalya, Chubukov’s daughter. That is why he has come in such formal get-up.

18. “Oh, unhappy man that I am! I’ll shoot myself! I’ll hang myself!”- who is the speaker? When is it said? Why does the speaker call himself an unhappy man? What does the remark suggest? (1+1+2+1)


The speaker of the above-mentioned line is Chubukov in the play “The Proposal”.

After the departure of Lomov from Chubukov’s house, when Chubukov informs Natalya about the purpose of Lomov’s visit to their house, Natalya feels an urge to rectify the wrongs done to Lomov. She asks her father to bring Lomov back. In this situation, Chubukov makes the above remark.

As Chubukov loses the golden opportunity of getting his daughter married to Lomov, he calls himself an ‘unhappy man’.

The remark suggests that a marriageable daughter is still a burden to a father at that time. Another thing is that when the matter of a marriage comes forward, the dispute of property is pushed back.

19. “You won’t prove anything just by yelling.” – Who said this? To whom was this said? What did the person spoken to want to prove and how? Why, according to the speaker, could not Lomov prove anything?

Ans: Chubukov said this in the famous one-act play “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov.

He said this to Lomov.

Lomov wanted to prove that he was the actual owner of the Oxen Meadows. He warned Chubukov that he had a lot of documents with him to establish his claim.

But, Chubukov paid no heed to Lomov’s claim. He pointed out that the Meadows were once in dispute. But they had been in their possession for a long time. Those peasants who used the lands did not pay Lomovs but the Chubukovs. That is why it would be difficult for Lomov to prove that the Meadows belonged to him.

20. “What? A proposal!” – Who says this? Who is the listener? Which proposal is referred to here? When does the speaker say this? What is the reaction of the listener? (1+1+1+2+1)

Ans: Chubukov, Natalya’s father, in Chekhov’s play “The Proposal” says this.

The listener is his daughter, Natalya.

Lomov’s marriage proposal to Natalya is referred to here.

Lomov and Natalya start quarrelling over the ownership of the Oxen Meadows. Chubukov comes and supports his daughter. The situation becomes so hot that they hurl personal attacks against each other. Lomov feels exhausted and leaves the house. At that time Chubukov remembers the marriage proposal and makes the above remark.

Coming to know about the marriage proposal, Natalya becomes excited. Mad with the passion of love, she tells her father to bring Lomov back at once.

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