The Proposal – MCQ Type Questions for HS Final Exam, WBCHSE, West Bengal.

The Proposal – MCQ Type Questions

Complete each of the following sentences choosing the correct option from the alternatives provided. (চারটি প্রশ্ন দেওয়া থাকবে, চারটিরই উত্তর করতে হবে।) 1×4 =4

1. Chubukov addresses Lomov as – (2017)

a) a peasant

b) an angle

c) a devil

d) an angel

Ans. d) an angel.

2. Chubukov ordered Lomov to shut up or he would shoot him like a – (2017)

a) partridge

b) dog

c) fox

d) wolf

Ans. a) partridge.

3. According to Natalya they had lent Lomov their – (2017)

a) hunting dog

b) peasants

c) lands

d) threshing-machine

Ans. d) threshing-machine.

4. Natalya was shelling…… for drying (2017)

a) peas

b) meadows

c) beans

d) barley

Ans. d) peas.

5. Natalya was a –

a) Thirty years old.

b) Thirty three years old.

c) Twenty years old.

d) Twenty five years old.

Ans: Twenty five years old.

6. The name of Lomov’s dog was –

a) Guess.

b) Hedgeson.

c) Squeezer.

d) Challenger.

Ans: Guess.

7. Natalya and Lomov first argued over –

a) Birchwood.

b) Burnt Marsh.

c) Dog.

d) Oxen Meadows.

Ans: d) Oxen Meadows.

8. Chubukov threatened Lomov to shoot him like a –

a) Hare.

b) Dog.

c) Partridge.

d) Jackle.

Ans: c) Partridge.

9. Lomov’s dog Guess was –

a) lame.

b) blind.

c) old.

d) mad.

Ans: a) lame.

10. Lomov warns Natalya to take the matter of Oxen Meadows –

a) to the Minister

b) to the villagers

c) to the Count

d) to the Court.

Ans: d) to the Court.

11. The name of Natalya’s dog is (2016) –

a) Mrironov

b) Squeezer

c) Ivan

d) Guess.

Ans: b) Squeezer.

12. According to Lomov, Chubukov’s mother was –

a) ill-tempered

b) kind hearted

c) humpbacked

d) insolent.

Ans: c) humpbacked.

13. Squeeze’s parents were –

a) Rock and Mick

b) Harness and Chisels

c) Rocky and Roll

d) Lalu and Tulu.

Ans: b) Harness and Chisels.

14. Lomov is dressed in formal clothes –

a) because it is New Year’s Eve.

b) because he loves Natalia and is going to propose to her.

c) because he has come to propose to Natalia.

d) because he has come to finalize a business deal with Chubukov.

Ans: b) because he loves Natalia and is going to propose to her.

15. Chubukov is delighted with the proposal for the following reasons –

a) Natalya can at last return her love for Lomov.

b) Lomov loves Natalya.

c) Chubukov had moved this proposal a long time ago.

d) Chubukov would like to see his daughter married.

Ans: d) Chubukov would like to see his daughter married.

16. Lomov, Chubukov and Natalya approach marriage –

a) with the sense of practicality.

b) with a sense of romanticism.

c) with a sense of idealism.

d)with the sense of cynicism.

Ans: a) with the sense of practicality.

17. Lomov has two considerations regarding marriage –

a) that he is 35 and must lead a stable life.

b) that he suffers from lunacy and sleeplessness.

c) that he must consolidate property and make gains.

d) that he must enjoy love and passion.

Ans: a) that he is 35 and must lead a stable life.

18. Chubukov comments that Lomovs have had in their family (2018)

a. autocracy

b. lunacy

c. hypocrisy

d. democracy

Ans: b. lunacy.

19. Lomov went to his neighbour, Chubukov’s house – (2018)

a. to borrow money

b. to settle a dispute

c. to give a marriage proposal

d. to complain.

Ans: c. to give a marriage proposal.

20. Lomov gave…………to Mironov for his dog. (2018)

a. 120 roubles

b. 125 roubles

c. 25 roubles

d. 85 roubles

Ans: b. 125 roubles.

21. Lomov’s aunt’s name is (HS Exam 2018)

a. Natalya Stepnova

b.Natasha Vassilvitch

c. Nastasya Mihailovna

d. Natalya Mihailovna

Ans: c) Natasya Mihailovna.

22. Lomov comes to Chubukov’s house (2016)-

a) to propose to his daughter.

b) like a good neighbour.

c) for a formal meeting.

d) to borrow money from Chubukov.

Ans: a) to propose to his daughter.

23. When Lomov arrived, Chubukov was surprised by (2016) –

a) evening dress

b) palpitations

c) shyness

d) impudence.

Ans: a) evening dress.

24. Chubukov is a (2016)-

a) landowner

b) lawyer

c) merchant

d) physician.

Ans: a) landowner.

25) Chubukov said that Lomov’s younger aunt had run away with –

a) a hunter

b) a drunkard

c) a count

d) an architect.

Ans: d) an architect.

26) Natalya suggested that Lomov should not go after foxes but – (2019)

a) catch black beetles

b) go after horses

c) shoot partridgees

d) go for the doctor.

Ans: a) catch black beetles

27) The worst of Lomov’s physical problems is – (2019)

a) the way he sleeps

b) his palpitations

c) his headache

d) his limp

Ans: a) the way he sleeps.

28) Lomnov wanted to remind Natalya that her dog was – (2019)

a) ugly

b) old

c) overshot

d) lame

Ans: c) overshot.

29. Why doesn’t Lomov directly ask Natalya to marry her? –

(a) because he has palpitations

(b) because he is not sure about her

(c) because he is trying to be calm.

(d) because he knows Chubukov has already told Natalya.

Ans: (b) because he is not sure about her reaction.

30. Why are the arguments funny?

(a) because Lomov and Natalya quickly lose sight of the marriage proposal

(b) because the story of Oxen Meadows is absurd

c) because the hunting dogs are ridiculous

(d) because they seem funny while they argue.

Ans: because they seem funny while they argue.

31. When Natalya comes to know that Lomov had come to propose her, she asks her father to – (2020)

a) never allow him again

b) take him to court

c) get him by the neck

d) bring him back.

Ans: d) bring him back.

32. Lomov hoped to go for shooting – (2020)

a) before the harvest

b) in November

c) in June

d) after the harvest.

Ans: d) after the harvest.

33. The first argument between Lomov and Nalalya was over – (HS 2020)

a) lamd

b) labour

c) hunting dogs

d) inheritance.

Ans: a) land.

34. ” I jump like a lunatic.” – What is the meaning of ‘lunatic’?

a) lewd

b) insane

c) lovely

d) insensible.

Ans: b) insane.

35. The word ‘pedigree’ means-

a) forefathers

b) ancestry

c) relation

d) succession.

Ans: b) ancestry.

36. The meaning of the word ‘excruciating’ is –

a) severe

b) tolerable

c) enjoyable

d) soft.

Ans: a) severe.

37. Lomov is Chubukov’s –

a) son

b) neighbour

c) daughter

d) nephew.

Ans: b) neighbour.

38. The word ‘guzzling’ means –

a) drunkard

b) robber

c) lawyer

d) hunter.

Ans: a) drunkard

39. Chubukov had the habit of using the phrase –

a) that is

b) et cetera

c) so

d) so on.

Ans: d) so on.

40. “The Proposal” is a –

a) comedy

b) tragedy

c) farce

d) tragi-comedy.

Ans: c) farce.

41. After listening to Lomov’s proposal, Chubukov is off his balance with –

a) anger

b) excitement

c) joy

d) disgust.

Ans: c) joy.

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The Proposal – MCQ Type Questions

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