The Boy and the Wolf – Story writing.

The Boy and the Wolf – Story writing. Very important English story writing for Madhyamik and other class students. Importance for class 7, 8, 9, 10 students. Prepare this writing and do a very good result in your final examination.

A cowboy used to tend his cows near a forest. Often, he would raise a false alarm, “Wolf! Wolf!” for sheer fun. The farmers working in the field would hear his cries and thinking that he had been really attacked by the wolf would come running to save the cow herd. But to their surprise, they would find no wolf there. Seeing them the naughty cowboy would begin to laugh. He did this trick several times. At this, the farmers became very angry. One day, a wolf really came and attacked the cows. Now the cowboy cried, “Wolf! Wolf! Come to help me.” But this time nobody came to his rescue. As a result, the wolf first killed the cows and then kill the boy.

Moral: Nobody believes a liar./A liar is punished in the long run.

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