My Village Paragraph Writing.

My Village Paragraph Writing. English Paragraph Writing for English Learners. Important Paragraph Writing for English beginners. My Village Paragraph Writing.

Write a paragraph on “My Village”.

My Village

The name of my village is _______ (write the name of your village). It is situated in the district of Bankura. It is about 30 km. away from the famous town of Bishnupur. The communication is very good here. The village is well connected with many towns by water, road, and railways. Ours is a big and beautiful village. We have a primary school, a post office, a high school, a few clubs, and a primary health center in our village. The village has a population of about three thousands. The majority of our villagers are poor and cultivation is their main occupation. Among the employed people, there are teachers, clerks, postmen, doctors and workers in local meals and factories. The people of the village belong to either to Hindu or the Muslim community. People of different religions live together happily and peacefully here in our village. But the main problem in our village is that most of the villagers are poor and illiterate. The established villagers can try to solve these problems.

The End.

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