Your Hobby Paragraph Writing

Write a paragraph on ‘Your Hobby.



Hobby is a favourite activity that a person pursues for pleasure and not as his regular business. Different persons have different hobbies. My favourite bobby is gardening, One day about two years back I visited one of my relatives’ house. There I saw a beautilul garden with different flowers blooming in it. It impressed me so much. Since then I made up my mind to make a flower garden of my own. My garden is in a small plot of land in front of my house. The land was covered all around with the bamboo fence. The soil was first dug up with the spade. Then fertilizer was applied. Perennial flower plants were planted all around the garden. In the middle, there are beds for seasonal flowers. I spend my leisure hours in the garden digging soil, watering and pruning the plants. My joy knows no bounds when the plants burst into beautiful blossoms. I feel tremendously encouraged when everybody enjoys the beauty and fragrance of flowers. Gardening gives me great pleasure and some education in cultivations.

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