The Book You Like Most – A Paragraph Writing. Write a paragraph on the book you like most or your favourite book.

The Book You Like Most – Paragraph Writing.

The book I like most is “Ramer Sumati”. It is written by Saratchandra Chattopadhyay. This is really an interesting book. Ramlal, the hero of the story, had unfortunately lost his mother. Then he was only two and half years old. Since then he had been brought up with all the love and affection of a mother by Narayani. She was the wife of his step-brother Shyamlal. Ramlal was an unruly and mischievous boy. He became almost a boy of panic to the villagers. As a result, he caused constant worries to Narayani. The situation took a turn for the worse when Narayani’s mother,

Digambari, came to live with her daugher. She and Ramlal developd an antipathy to each other. Digambari tried to poison the ears of her daughter and son-in-law against Ram, and Ram too spoke in insulting terms about her. One day Ramlal quarrelled with the son of Zamindar of the village under whom his brother served. Shyarmlal was naturally very much vexed. Very quickly, a quarrel ensued between Digambari and Ramlal. The boy aimed a guava at Digambari, which suddenly and unexpectedly sturck Narayani on the eye. All these were too much for Shyamlal. The ancestral home was partitioned and Ramlal was separated from the joint mess. The boy fasted for two days, and so did Narayani too. On the third day she prepared meals herself and called in Ramlal to feed him with her own hand. Digambari threatened to leave the house, but Ramlal pleaded with his sister-in-law to allow her to stay on, assuring her that good sense had dawned on him at last.

The story is really a nice picture of the fast-decaying and shattering of joint family that was full of love and sweetness and fact. Ram was more than a son to her. Digambari, her mother found shelter with her in her distress. How skilfully did Narayani prevent the quarrels between her mother and Ramlal from going to extremes. But the author’s portrayal of the character of Ramlal appeals to me most. With all his wayward nature and hot temper, he was like a lamb to his sister-in-law. His feelings for Narayani have been painted very nicely and minutely through a few incidents. He could not bear any opposition, but submitted tamely to her caning. Though a grown-up boy, he had to be fed by her. He flared up to see his banya trees uprooted but ultimately calmed down at once when Narayani told him that they were harmful to her. He threatened the doctor with dire consequences unless he cured his sister-
in-law as early as possible. How free all these delicate touches are to the nature of a love-hungry boy Ramlal.

The book is really one of the most popular of the creations of the author.

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