Madhyamik Grammar Practice. Practice Set-1. WBBSE, West Bengal. Practise As Much As You Can. মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি গ্রামার || দশম শ্রেণী || Class X

Madhyamik Grammar Practice: Practise the sets of grammar. Score an attractive result in Madhyamik Final Examination. Get answers also. Get Common in Examination. Class – X,(10th Level), WBBSE, West Bengal.

Why You Need Practice English Grammar?

Dear students, most of the students are afraid of English Grammar in their Madhyamik Final Examination, specially, the students of English B. Actually most of the students do not have proper knowledge in English Grammar. This is the main reason behind their fear. To overcome this fear, the students need give emphasis on learning the rules of grammar and need do practice a lot. So if you want to do an attractive result in your Madhyamik Examination, you have to do a lot of practice.

1) I borrowed a book from the library. I have to return it today. (use relative clause)

2) He gave me a pen. It was green in colour. (Join into a single sentence)

(3) Shakespeare was a great playwright. He wrote Othello. (Use adjective clause)

4) Have you met my brother? He is an M. A. in English. ((Use adjective clause)

5) Mahatma Gandhi was a true son of the soil. It is known to all. (Noun Clause)

6) My parents went to Shillong. It is a beautiful hill-town. (Adjective clause)

7) You saw the man. He is my uncle. (Use adjective clause)

8) Mr. Basu lives in a nice flat. It is at Ultadanga. (Use adjective clause)

9) Rabindranath was a great poet. He composed Gitanjali. (Use adjective clause)

10) Subhas Chandra is a true patriot. It is known to all. (Use Noun Clause)

11) The boy lost the book. He said this to us. (Use Noun Clause)

12) I met an old friend after a long time. He could not recognize me at once. (Use adjective clause)

13) The sun gives us heat and light. The sun is one of the stars in the universe. (Use adjective clause)

14) He works very hard. His object is to maintain his family. (Join into a Simple Sentence)

15) This is the boy. His father saw you yesterday. (Use adjective clause)

16) This is the place. Here the poet Rabindranath was born. (Use adjective clause)

17) Columbus died in 1506. He discovered America. (Use adjective clause))

18) Have you seen the car? The car was following us. (Use adjective clause)

19) The players’ kits have been stolen. I know the players. (Use adjective clause)

20) You met a gentleman last week. He is my cousin. (Use adjective clause)

21) The sun came out. Everything looked cheerful. (Use adverbial Clause)

22) You want to leave early. You must ask the headmaster’s permission. (Use adverbial Clause)

23) Cork is lighter than water. It floats on the water. (Use adverbial Clause)

24) It is very cold now. It is the month of January. (Use adverbial Clause)

25) The sun rose. The fog disappeared. (Join)

26. We must endure what we cannot cure. (Change the voice)

27. My pocket was picked. I had to borrow money from a friend. (Join into a simple sentence)

28. The girl could not but weep after getting the bad news. (Omit ‘but’)

29. He came at 5 p.m (Begin with ‘It was’)

30. As soon as the man reached the station the train left. (Use ‘Hardly…..when’)

31. “Have you seen my pen anywhere?” the little boy asked. (Change the mode of narration)

32. Plant the seed. (Change the voice)

Regularly practise the Grammar Sets given by our Expert Teachers. You will definitely do a very good result in your Madhyamik Final Examination.

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