Short Answer type Questions (SAQ) from “Fable” by Ralph Waldo Emerson for Class X (10th Level) Madhyamik Examination.

Short Answer type Questions, (SAQ) Type Important Questions with Answers. Prepare now and Score an Excellent Result in your Madhyamik Final Exam.

Prepare these short questions.

Question: Who is the poet of the poem “Fable”?

Ans: Ralph Waldo Emerson is the poet of the poem “Fable”.

Question: What is the name given to the squirrel?

Ans: The name given to the squirrel is ‘Bun’.

Question: What is a ‘fable’?

Ans: A ‘fable’ is a moral narrative having two layers of significations, usually with birds and beasts as characters.

Question: What did the mountain call the squirrel?

Ans: The mountain called the squirrel ‘Little Prig’.

Question: Name the characters mentioned in the poem.

Ans: The two characters mentioned in the poem are Mountain and Squirrel.

Question: How does the mountain humiliate the squirrel?

Ans: The mountain humiliates the squirrel by saying ‘Little Prig’.

Question: What do you mean by ‘little prig’?

Ans: The phrase ‘little prig’ means someone who pretends to be self-righteous.

Question: Write some examples of alliteration from the poem “Fable”.

Ans: The examples of alliteration from the poem “Fable” are ‘latter’, ‘little’, ‘taken in together’, ‘well and wisely put’ etc.

Question: Who were quarrelling in the poem “Fable”?

Ans: the mountain and the Squirrel where quarrelling in the poem “Fable”.

What does not the squirrel deny?

Ans: The squirrel does not deny the fact that the mountain can make a very pretty or beautiful track for the squirrel.

Get More questions With Answers.

Who can crack a nut?

Ans: In the poem “Fable”, the squirrel can easily crack a nut.

Question: Mention the characters in the the poem.

Ans: The two characters in the poem are the mountain and the squirrel.

Question: “You are not so small as I” – Who says this?

Ans: The squirrel in the poem “Fable” says this.

Question: Who cannot track a nut?

Ans: The mountain cannot track a nut.

Question: “Bun replied” – Who was ‘Bun’?

Ans: “Bun” was the squirrel in the poem “Fable”.

More questions With Answers.

Question: What make up a year and a sphere?

Ans: All sorts of things and whether together make up a year and a sphere.

Question: “All is well and wisely put.” – What is suggested here?

Ans: This line suggests that nature is kind and judicious to all of her creations.

Prepare these Short Answer type Questions for your final examination.

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