Multiple Choice Questions from “Fable”, Very Important Class X (10th Level) Madhyamik Examination.

MCQ type questions from “Fable”. multiple Choice Questions with answers. Important for Madhyamik examination and all sorts of competitive examinations.

Very Important MCQ Type Questions With Answers for Madhyamik Pariksha.

We have uploaded very important MCQ type questions for your final exam. Prepare this questions very carefully and you will definitely score of very good result in your final examination.

The quarrel was between the mountain and the –
a) rabbit
b) rat
c) cat
d) squirrel.

Answer : d) squirrel

Bun has no doubt that the mountain is –
a) small
b) big
c) nobel
d) kind.

Answer : b) big.

Unlike a mountain, a squirrel can crack a –
a) nut
b) joke
c) stone
d) lock.

Answer : nut.

The mountain and the squirrel had a /an –
a) quarrel
b) argument
c) debate
d) agreement

Answer : a) quarrel.

In the poem “Fable”, ‘the latter’ refers to –
a) the squirrel
b) the poet
c) the mountain
d) the snail.

Ans: a) the squirrel.

“You are not so small as I
And not have half so spry” – here the person spoken to is –
a) the mountain
b) the weather
c) the wind
d) the squirrel

Answer : a) the mountain.

Which name was given to the squirrel? –
a) sun
b) moon
c) bun
d) spry.

Answer : c) bun.

In the poem ‘Fable’, the word “talent’ means –
a) genius
b) inclination
c) aptitude
d) all.

Answer : d) all.

The word ‘track’ means –
a) a tunnel
b) nest
c) a house
d) a path.

Answer : d) a path.

The word ‘deny’ means –
a) refuse to accept
b) give
c) take
d) confess.

Answer : a) refuse to accept.
The squirrel admits that he is not so large as –
a) an elephant
b) a cow
c) the mountain
d) the palace.

Answer : c) the mountain.

The mountain is not so small as –
a) a bird
b) a ball
c) the squirrel
d) the calf.

Answer : c) the squirrel.

Ralph Waldo Emerson was born on –
a) 22 May, 1803.
b) 23 May, 1803.
c) 24 May, 1803.
d) 25 May, 1803.

Ans: d) 25 May, 1803.

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