An application to the Chairman of the Municipality, for making arrangements for supply of drinking water in your locality. Important for Madhyamik & HS Exams.

Write an application to the Chairman of the Municipality, requesting him to make arrangements for supply of drinking water in your locality.

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Arambagh Municipality



Sub: Arrangements for supply of drinking water.


Arambagh is a very populated town due to the availability of a lot of facilities in and around the town. Yet we, the residents of this town, have continuously been facing a great problem. The water supply in Arambagh has remained the same as before. As a result, most of the families get a little quantity of water that is hardly sufficient even for drinking and cooking purposes. Especially in summer, The people are worst affected. In such hot weather, we do not get water to serve our daily purposes. We face the real sufferings in summer. The supply of filtered water is very irregular. As a result, we have to depend on filthy water of the tanks or any other waterbodies. So, people suffer from many water-borne diseases. This causes epidemic in the locality.

We, therefore, request you to look into the matter immediately and arrange for supply sufficient water for meeting the needs of every family.

Arambagh Yours faithfully,
Hooghly Mrinalini Das

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