Report Writing on “Amphan”. Write a Report on “Amphan” or “Umpun”, West Bengal.

Dear students, this is a very important Report Writing for your Final Examination. This is the most terrific and devastating cyclonic storm that West Bengal had ever seen. So don’t miss it. You must prepare this report to score a very good result in your final examination. Report Writing on “Amphan” is very important. We also upload many important writings for Madhyamik and HS Examination. We provide school level writings on various recent topics which may come in your question paper as current affairs or current topics. To get such important materials for your final exam, regularly visit our website.

Report Writing on “Amphan”

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Kolkata, 21.05.2020: The recent gravest cyclonic storm “Amphan” extensively battered Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal. The cyclonic storm having windspeed of 133 kmph caused heavy damage in some districts of West Bengal including Kolkata. About 10 people died in this destruction. West Bengal never saw such a Devastating Cyclone in years.This gigantic storm lashed in the coastal area of Digha. It caused huge tidal waves in the sea. It lashed on the land with a speed of 180 kmph. This extremely severe cyclonic storm caused an immeasurable damage in Sundarban areas. Purba Medinipur, Paschim Medinipur, North 24 Paragana and South 24 Paragana have been greatly affected. Thousands of mud-houses have been destroyed. Even the parked-cars bumped each other due to gigantic power of the cyclone. Electric posts bent down. Water supply and electricity supply, network system, communication system – all have been disrupted. Streets of Kolkata are blocked completely as thousands of trees have been uprooted. The coastal areas of West Bengal are the worst affected. In Howrah, about 900 houses collapsed, in Paraganas about 5200 houses collapsed. About 41 NDRF (National Disaster Relief Force) were deployed in West Bengal.

The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee herself kept eye over the situation. The administration worked actively. People were alarmed in advance and they were advised to stay in houses. Over six lakh people were evacuated to protected shelters. Chief Minister claimed about 1 lakh crore.  Relief materials were supplied to the victims. Inhabitants of damaged buildings were also taken to safety shelters. The wind was whirling around with a great speed. The doors and windows were banging. In such a critical condition cyclone shattered West Bengal. It would take about 15 days to come into normalcy. Chief Minister asked help from Central government.


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