Visit to a Zoo – Letter Writing. Write a letter to your friend about your visit to a zoo.

Visit to a Zoo – Letter Writing

Write(লেখ) a letter (একটি চিঠি)to your friend (তোমার বন্ধুকে) about (সম্পর্কে) your visit (তোমার ভ্রমণ) to thee zoo (চিড়িয়াখানাতে).



My dear Soumya,

You will be very glad to know that I went to visit the Alipore Zoo along with some of my dear friends on Tuesday last. Here I like to give you a brief description of our visit to the zoo. We decided to visit the zoo by bus. We started our journey early in the morning. After reaching there, we stood in a queue or line for about an hour to buy tickets. After getting tickets we entered the zoo through the gate.

When we were inside, we saw a totally different world. First, we visited the area where there were zebras. Then we saw different types of birds and deer. After that, we went to see the tigers and lions. There they were pacing up and down with gesture. They were growling and roaring. Then we went to see the Reptile House. Next, we saw the snakes and crocodiles there. We also saw camels, bears, migratory birds, geese, and peacocks in the zoo. We were much delighted to see the monkeys making their tricks. Then, we visited the parrots and tried to talk to them. Before coming out, we had tea and refreshment. Really, it was a very pleasant and interesting visit to the zoo. We all enjoyed much. The happy experience is in my heart till now and will remain for a long time in the future. I wish you were with us.

No more today. With love and good wishes,

Yours ever,

Soumya Ghosh

C/O: Banshi Ghosh


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