World Water Day Celebration : An Important Report Writing for Madhyamik and HS Examination, WBCHSE, West Bengal.

Write a report on “World Water Day Celebration” in your school.

World Water Day Celebration : An Important Report Writing.


By Aritra Sarksr

XYZ School, 23rd March, 2020: Every year we celebrate the ‘World Water Day’. This year also we have dedicated this day to water. Our school celebrated the day with utmost sincerity. Water is the most precious resource for arrival. But nowadays, the scarcity of water is really a threat to the whole world. This year our school selected the theme ‘Do not waste Water’. The aim of the programme was to aware the students about the water crisis around the world. Surveys reveal that 80% of all waste water is not reused. If water were reused, the shortage of water could be reduced to some extent. First the programme sterted with an opening song sung by the students. The our respected teachers delivered valuable speeches on the importance of water and the scarcity of water.

One of the ways in which water is wasted the most is leakage. Leaking taps alone lead to the wastage of around 5,500 liters of water every year. Leakage from
toilet flushes, often unnoticed, is another major source of wastage. Some students staged a drama displaying our future condition due to lack of water. Our teachers warned us that  we in India bathe many times a day, especially in the summer months. If we are careful in using water we can reduce wastage. Our headmaster also made us aware how to use taps before and after mid-day-meal. With a little care in our daily lives, water can be saved. This in turn, will save the earth. Otherwise we are to be ready for mare fatal situation.


প্রিয় ছাত্র ছাত্রী, এখন করোনা ভাইরাসের কারণে লক ডাউন চলছে। তোমরা কেউ বাইরে বেরিও না। আমরা নিয়মিত অনলাইনে পড়াশুনা করতে পারি। প্রয়োজনে তোমাদের পঠন পাঠন বিষয়ে কমেন্ট করো নীচের কমেন্ট বক্সে।

যোগাযোগের জন্য মেল করো

লক ডাউন মেনে চলো, সুস্থ থাকো ও সকলকেই সুস্থ রাখো।

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