Mobile Phone and its Evils – A Paragraph Writing

Write a Paragraph on Mobile Phone and its Evils.



Mobile Phone is no doubt a wonderful invention of modern science. It is the latest gift of science to man.

Though a mobile phone is of great use to a modern man, it is also dangerous and harmful at times. Some recent cases of death while walking down the edge of the platform or the railway tracks have been reported. We should not forget that life is precious. We should not endanger it. So, we should ensure our safety first and then only make or receive call. We have to remember that walking down the railway tracks is strictly prohibited. This is a punishable offence.

We must maintain a safe distance form railway tracks or a train. We must not forget that calls are many but we live once. Above all, we should never forget the provarb “Prevention is better than cure.” It is very much risky to talk over mobile or listen to music by using ear-phones while crossing the road or driving motorcycles, buses, cars etc. Using mobile phones indiscriminately causes many diseases like brain or throat tumour which is caused due to the radiation of harmful rays. Plant as well as animal life is very much affected by the signals sent to the mobile phones through the towers.

End of the Paragraph-Mobile Phone and its Evils.

আমাদের এই ওয়েবসাইট টি নিয়মিত ভিজিট করুন এবং সাবস্ক্রাইব করুন। আর পেয়ে যান লেটেস্ট এডুকেশনাল ইনফরমেশন ।

আপনার মূল্যবান মতামত লিখুন নীচের কমেন্ট বক্সে।

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