Madhyamik English Grammar Practce, Practise your English Grammar, do an attractive result and enrich yourself

Practise here your English Grammar. Madhyamik English Grammar Practce. It will help you score a good result in Madhyamik Examination. This is prepared with a view to help the students of West Bengal to learn English Grammar.

Madhyamik Examination is regulated by West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE).

This page is prepared with a view to help the school – students who are going to prepare themselves for Madhyamik Exam. Here the students will get enough space for practice. Grammars of previous years are also included here. Different sections of Grammar of current syllabus is also included. Our sincere effort will make learning very easy and comfortable to the students.

Maximum items of Grammar has been covered here in our page. Constructive opinions and suggestions are always welcome. Access to our website will be very beneficial to the students of this age because we have tried to assist the students with the combined efforts of many experts. Now-a-days online learning is the only process that will help you become a distinguished and advanced student. We are trying to provide the students with that by our sincere effort. Our page will become a dear companion of our students.

Voice Change of Assertive Sentence:

1. I have bought a new car.

Ans: A new car has been bought by me.

2. He gave me a book.

Ans: A book was given to me by him/I was given a book by him.

3. I have written my sister a letter.

Ans: A letter has been written to my sister by me.

4. Nayan is reading a novel.

Ans: A novel is being read by Nayan.

5. I shall ask you a  question.

Ans: You will be asked a question by me. / A question will be asked to you by me.

6. My grandmother reads the Mahabharata.

Ans: The Mahabharata is read by my grandmother.

7. They play football.

Ans: Football is played by them.

8. Sujan likes fruits.

Ans: Fruits are liked by Sujan.

9. Anuradha sings songs.

Ans: Songs are sung by Anuradha.

10. Ratul looks at the moon.

Ans: The moon is looked at by Rahul.

11. Nita types a letter.

Ans: A letter is typed by Nita.

12. She would have read the book.

Ans: The book would have been read by her.

13. The boy did not break the glass.

Ans: The glass was not broken by the boy.

14. Trespassers will be prosecuted.

Ans: Authority will prosecute trespassers.

15. Smoking is prohibited.

Ans: The authority prohibits smoking.

16. I saw him come.

Ans: He was seen to come.

17. I know the girl.

Ans: The girl is known to me.

18. Mother feeds the baby.

Ans: The baby is fed by mother.

19. She can’t enjoy it.

Ans: It cannot be enjoyed by her.

20. She writes a letter.

Ans: A letter is written by her.

21. Ramu had drawn a picture.

Ans : A picture had been drawn by Ramu.

22. Her life inspired us.

Ans: We were inspired by her life.

23. They shouted at him.

Ans: He was shouted at by them.

24. They were making a noise.

Ans: A noise was being made by them.

25. His behaviour charmed me.

Ans: I was charmed with his behaviour.

26. They laughed at me.

Ans: I was laughed at by them .

27. He promised me a reward.

Ans: I was promised a reward by him.

28. The news will please her.

Ans: She will be pleased with the news.

29. I have promises to keep.

Ans: I have promises to be kept.

30. Tresspassers will be prosecuted.

Ans  The authority will prosecute the tresspassers.

31. We cannot undo what we do.

Ans: What is done cannot be undone.

32. We know that Rabindranath wrote ‘Gitanjali’.

Ans: It is known that ‘Gitanjali’ was written by Rabindranath.

33. People on the train sang bhajans.

Ans: Bhajans were sung on the train by people.

Do Yourself:

1. Mother has blessed her son.

2. We shall arrange a party.

3. Rabina is singing a song.

4. She gave me a book.

5. He had killed a rat.

6. Sital saw a movie.

8. The postman had delivered the letter.

9. Rajib helps mother.

10. The teacher is checking home tasks.

11. He will not call her.

12. He sent a card to her.

13. My grandfather told me a story.

14. Mr. Roy teaches me Geography.

15. He can drive the car.

16. There is a lot of work to do.

17. There is no time to lose.

18. He is to do this.

19. There are two letters to post.

20. He gave her a gift.

21. He refused her to help.

22. He killed himself.

Voice Change of Interrogative Sentence:

1. Do you see the bird?

Ans: Is the bird seen by you?

2. How do you do it?

Ans: How is it done by you?

3. Have you read the story?

Ans: Has the story been read by you?

4. Which book do you like?

Ans: Which book is liked by you?

5. Did you see the animal?

Ans: Is the animal seen by you?

6. Whom did you see?

Ans: Who was seen by you?

7. Had he done the homework?

Ans: Had the homework been done by him?

8. Whom do you want?

Ans: Who is wanted by you?

9. Does Samuel always scold the students?

Ans: Are the students always scolded by Samuel?

10. Have you written anything about our teacher, Samuel?

Ans: Has anything about our teacher Samuel been written by you?

11. How did they complete the task?

Ans: How was the task completed by them?

12. Does he always scold the students?

Ans: Are the students always scolded by him?

13. How did you do it?

Ans: How was it done by you?

14. Who is singing the song?

Ans: By whom is the song being sung?

Do Yourself:

1. Whom did you find?

2. Do you know the answers?

3. What did he see?

4. Doesn’t he understand English?

5. Can you do it?

Voice Change of Imperative Sentence:

1. Keep your word.

Ans: Your word should be kept.

2. Please keep off the grass.

Ans: You are requested to keep off the grass.

3. Do the work.

Ans: Let the work be done (by you).

4. Obey your elders.

Ans: Elders should be obeyed by you.

5. Please come here.

Ans: You are requested to come here.

6. Shut the door.

Ans: Let the door be shut (by you).

7. Open the door.

Ans: Let the door be opened (by you).

8. Do not smoke.

Ans: You are advised not to smoke.

9. Let him go.

Ans: He may be allowed to go.

10. Please do the sum.

Ans: Let the sum please be done (by you).

11. Please post the letter.

Ans: Let the letter please be posted (by you).

12. Collect the garbage.

Ans: Let the garbage be collected (by you).

13. Maintain the silence in the room.

Ans: Let the silence be maintained in the room.

14. Do not insult the poor.

Ans : The poor should not be insulted.

You must kill the tyrant.

Ans  The tyrant must be killed by you.

15. Obey your teacher.

Ans: Your teacher should be obeyed.

16. One should keep one’s promises.

Ans  Promises should be kept.

Do Yourself:

1. He must do the job.

2. Polish your dusty shoes.

3. Let us do the task.

4. Clean the study room.

5. Abide by the rules.

6. Send for a doctor.

7. One should keep one’s promise.

Quasi-Passive Voice:

The book is selling well.

Ans: The book is being sold well.

Mangoes taste sweet.

Mangoes are sweet when they are tasted.

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