Jimmy Valentine : Important Short Questions with answers for Class XI Final Exam, WBCHSE, West Bengal

Jimmy Valentine: Important Short Questions with answers: Very important SAQ (SHORT ANSWER TYPE QUESTION) type questions for class 11 annual exam of West Bengal. Prepare now and do a very good result.

1. Name the writer of short story “Alias Jimmy Valentine.”

Ans: The writer of “Alias Jimmy Valentine” is O. Henry. (William Sidney Potter)

2. Who is the main character in the short story Jimmy Valentine?

Ans: Jimmy Valentine is the main character in the short story Jimmy Valentine.

3. When did Jimmy get release?

Ans: Jimmy got release at 7:15 in the morning.

4. Who are ‘compulsory guests’ in the story Jimmy Valentine?

Ans: The Prisoners are ‘compulsory guests’ in the story Jimmy Valentine.

5. “He’s resumed his business.” – Who has resumed business?

Ans: Jimmy Valentine has resumed his business.

6. How much did Jimmy give to the blind man?

Ans: Jimmy gave a quarter to the blind man.

7. Who was the owner of The Elmore Bank?

Ans: Mr. Adams, father of Miss Annabel Adams was the owner of The Elmore Bank.

8. For how many years was Jimmy sentenced to improvement?

Ans: Jimmy got a sentence of imprisonment for four years.

9. Who approved Jimmy’s pardon?

Ans: The Governor approved Jimmy’s pardon.

10. What did Jimmy say about safe breaking ?

Ans: Jimmy said that he never broke a safe in his life.

11. What was Jimmy Valentine?

Ans: Jimmy Valentine was a safe burglar.

12. Whom did Jimmy first meet after his release?

Ans: After his release Jimmy first met Mike Dolan in his cafe.

13. What did the government grant for prisoner”s rehabilitation?

Ans: the government granted a railway ticket and a 5 dollar bill for a prisoner’s rehabilitation.

14. Who handed Jimmy the letter of pardon?

Ans: The warden of the jail handed Jimmy the letter of pardon.

15. What did the warden say to Jimmy about safe breaking?

Ans: The warden asked Jimmy not to break safe again and lead a straight life. He also commented that he was a good man at heart.

16. Why did the guard come to the prison shop?

Ans: The guard came to the prison shop to escort Jimmy to the front office.

17. Why was Jimmy Valentine in the prison?

Ans: Jimmy Valentine got arrested in the prison because he was accused of burgling the bank at Springfield.

18. How did Jimmy take the letter of pardon?

Ans: Jimmy took the letter of pardon in an exhausted manner or tired way.

19. Why has Ben Price’s collar button been torn?

Ans: During overpowering Jimmy for his arrest there occurred a fight between him and Ben Price. Ben Price’s collar button tore and fell at that very time.

20. How much did the kit of tools cost Jimmy?

Ans: The kit of tools cost Jimmy over nine hundred dollars.

21. In which hotel did Jimmy put up?

Ans: Jimmy put up in Planters’ Hotel at Elmore.

22. What happened in Jefferson City?

Ans: A Bank safe-breaking happened in Jefferson City.

23. “The losses were now high enough to bring the matter up into Ben Price’s class of work.” – What losses are referred to here?

Ans: Five thousand dollars were stolen.

24. Who was Mike Dolan?

Ans: Mike Dolan was one of Jimmy’s friends and a cafe-owner.

25. Who locked Agatha inside the vault?

Ans: May, Agatha’s sister, locked her inside the vault.

26. Who was Mr. Adams?

Ans: Mr. Adams was the owner of Elmore Bank and the would be father-in-law of Jimmy Valentine.

27. Where was Elmore?

Ans: Elmore was a little town in Arkansas.

28. Where did Jimmy first meet Miss Annabel Adams?

Ans: Jimmy Valentine first met Miss Annabel Adams on the street.

29. Which number did Jimmy Valentine get in the jail?

Ans: 9762 was the number which Jimmy Valentine got in the jail.

30. Where did Jimmy want to meet one of his friends?

Ans: Jimmy Valentine wanted to meet one of his friends at Sullivan’s Place in Little Rock.

31. What was Jimmy Valentine’s new name in the town of Elmore.?

Ans: Jimmy valentine’s new name in the town of Elmore was Ralph the Spencer.

32. Why did Jimmy Valentine go to Little Rock?

Ans: Jimmy Valentine went to Little Rock to buy his wedding-suit and a gift for Miss Annabel.

33. Whom did Jimmy see on the street of Elmore?

Ans: Jimmy Valentine saw Miss Annabel Adams on the street of Elmore.

34. Why did not Ben Price arrest Jimmy Valentine?

Ans: Ben Price did not arrest Jimmy Valentine because he understood that he was no longer a thief.

35. What was Mr. Adams by profession?

Ans: Mr. Adams, by profession, was a country banker who owned The Elmore Bank.

36. Where was Jimmy’s suite case kept?

Ans: Jimmy’s suitcase was kept behind a panel in the wall.

37. What business did Jimmy start in Elmore?

Ans: In the town of Elmore, Jimmy started shoe business.

38. In which hotel did Jimmy engage a room in Elmore?

Ans: In Elmore, Jimmy engaged a room in the Planter’s hotel.

39. What did Jimmy enjoy in the restaurant? (2017)

Ans: In the restaurant, Jimmy enjoyed broiled chicken, a bottle of white wine.

40. Why was the clerk impressed by Jimmy? (2016)

Ans: The clerk was impressed by Jimmy’s closes and manner because the clerk was a lover of latest fashion.

41. What was Jimmy Valentine doing in the shoe shop?

Ans: In the prison shoe shop, Jimmy Valentine was assiduously stitching the uppers.

42. Who is the investigator in the story “Jimmy Valentine”?

Ans: In the story “Jimmy Valentine”, Ben Price is the investigator.

43. How did Jimmy Valentine enjoy the sweet joys of liberty?

Ans: Jimmy Valentine enjoyed the first sweet joys of liberty in the shape of a boiled chicken and a bottle of white wine followed by a sigar, a grade better than the one the warden had given him.

44. What did Jimmy’s suitcase contain?

Ans: Jimmy’s suitcase contained the latest designs in drills, punches, braces and bits, jimmies, clamps, and augers, with two or three novelties invented by Jimmy himself.

45. What present did Jimmy want to give to his friend Billy?

Ans: Jimmy Valentine wanted to give his friend Billy the set of barglar’s tools.

46. What was the name of the guard in the prison?

Ans: The name of the guard in the prison was Cronin.

47. How much time did Jimmy take to open the door of the new vault?

Ans: Jimmy took ten minutes to open the door of the new vault.

48. What is ‘phoenix’ mentioned in the story “Jimmy Valentine”?

Ans: ‘Phoenix’ is a mythological bird that burnt itself and got rejuvenated from its ashes.

49. What did the clerk at the prison give Jimmy Valentine?

Ans: The clerk at the prison give Jimmy Valentine a railroad ticket and a five dollar bill.

50. What did Jimmy find unlocking the door of his room?

Ans: Unlocking the door of his room, Jimmy found that everything was just as he had left it. The collar button of Ben Price was left on the floor of the room.

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