HS Previous Year Writings – Important for HS Students, WBCHSE, West Bengal.

HS Previous Year Writings


Letter Writings:

Write a letter to the headmaster/headmistress of your school requesting him/her to make more variety of books available in the library. (Word limit: 150 words) (HS – 2019)

2 Write a letter to the Editor of an English Daily about the unhealthy food items sold in and around your school, affecting the health of the students. (Word limit: 150 words) (H.S. 2018)

3. Write a letter to the Post Master complaining about the delay in the delivery of a very urgent letter, addressed to you, due to negligence of the postman. (Word limit: 150 words) (HS – 2017)

4. Your Company make wooden furniture and a customer wants to buy 15 chairs. Write a reply to customer’s enquiry. Mention the rates, time needed for delivery, delivery cost in your letter.
(Word limit: 150 words) (HS – 2016)

5. Write a letter to M.K. Electronics, Kolkata, requesting for repair or replacement of the M.K. TV set which you had bought from them only 2 months ago as it has developed certain defects. (word limit: 150 words) (HS – 2015)

6. Write a letter within 120 words to your best friend expressing your views about the lonely and depressed condition of old people in our country.

(You may use the following points:)

Many old people deserted by families – physically infirm – mentally depressed –
sometimes ill treated – need love and care. (H.S. – 2014)

7. Write a letter within 120 words to the editor of an English daily expressing your views and concern about the increasing antisocial activities of various kinds in different parts of the country.
(You may use the following points)

Many anti – social activities in many parts of the country-crime against the children, the women and the old people – increase in theft and robbery – need for strict laws. (H.S – 2014)

8. Write a letter within 120 words to your friend describing a film that you have recently seen, and your impressions, about the film.
(You may use the following points)

Name of the film – brief description – acting – photography – music. (HS – 2013


9. Write a letter to the Headmaster of your school within 120 words praying for a free studentship.
(You may use the following points)

Your name and class in which you read – financial problems in your family – humble prayer for free studentship – your commitment for serious studies (H.S. – 2013)

10. Write a letter within 120 words to your friend who is recovering from prolonged illness encouraging him her with plans of a weekend tour together.

(You may use the following points)

Happy to earn of recovery – advise rest and proper food – wish he/ she may come round – plans of a weekend tour with friends after complete recovery. (HS – 2012)

11. Write a letter within 120 words to the editor of an English daily protesting against smoking in crowded places.
(You may use this following points)

Instruction violated, harmful to health – causing troubles to other – separate smoKing zone, creating awareness is necessary. (H.S. 2012)

12. Write a letter to your friend within 120 words thanking him / her for your nice stay at his / her house during the winter holidays.

(You may use the following points)

location of your friend’s house- hospitality of the members of the family – sightseeing programme – few memorable moments – your deep sense of gratitude. (HS – 2011)

13. Write a letter within 150 words to the editor of an English daily pointing out the present shortage of blood for patients and the urgent need of organising blood donation camps to meet the crisis.
(You may include the following points)

acute shortage of blood – reason – suffering of thalassemia patients – voluntary donors – needed organising voluntary blood donation camp creating awareness. (HS – 2011)

14 Write a letter within 120 words to your younger brother advising him to become a good human being.
(You may use the following points)

It is important to achieve academic excellence – but the brother should be caring, kind and helpful at the same time should stand by others in time of need – be honest – think not only of himself but of society at large. (H.S – 2010)

15 Write a letter within 150 words to the editor of an English daily expressing your concern about the
rising prices of essential commodities.

Points: Rising market prices – prices increasing daily – common people suffering – duties and responsibilities of government. (HS – 2010)

16 Write a letter within 120 words to the Headmaster or Headmistress seeking permission to hold a quiz competition among the students of different sections of your class.
(Points: importance of quiz competition – date – necessary arrangements to be made – venue – all teachers to be invited – request for sponsoring prizes for winners. (H.S. 2009)

17. Write a letter within 120 words to your friend describing your repeated attempts to rise early in the morning

(You may use the following points)

Benefits of early rising – your repeated attempts – reaction of your family members – what you want to do about this problems. (H.S. 2009)

18. Write a letter in about 120 words to the Editor of an English daily expressing your concern at the increasing number or road accidents.

Points: reckless driving – competition among vehicles to overtake each other- violation of traffic rules – intervention of RTA. (HS – 2008)

19. Write a letter within 120 words to your friend describing him/her your your visit to place of historical interest.

Points: Name of place – mode of transport – descriptions of visited places – your feelings. (HS – 2008)

20. Write a letter within 120 words to the editor of an English daily about the harm that is caused to young minds due to excessive depiction of violence and crimes on TV.

Points: too many serials, news reports on crime, proneness of young people to imitate, solution. (H.S. 2007).

21. Write a letter within 120 words to a friend describing him a film you have recently seen and impressed you much.

Points: Name of the film – theme short description. (H.S – 2007)

22. You nave reached the end of your school life and you are making plans regarding the course of your study you wish to pursue. Write a letter within 120 words to your friend telling him about your plans and feeling. (H.S. 2006)

23. Write a 1etter to the commissioner of police urging him to take action to check the increasing incidents of
violation of traffic rules both by vehicles and pedestrian, leading to frequent road accidents. (H.S. 2006)

24. A recent visit to your grand parents has made you realized that old people are often very lonely and depressed. Write your views about this problems. (H.S. – 2005)

25. Write a letter within 120 words to the editor of an English daily about the harm that is caused to the environment by the use of plastic goods. (HS – 2005)

26. Write a letter within 120 words to your friend giving him/ her your opinion about the negligence of duty by the doctors and the staff in government hospitals. (H.S. – 2004)

27. Write a letter within 120 words to the editor of an English daily about the burning of brides in our country. (H.S. – 2004)

28 Write a letter within 120 words to your friend giving him/ her your opinion about the career that you think will suit him/ her best in a competitive age of the twenty first century. (H.S. 2003)

29. Write a letter within 120 words to the editor of an English daily complaining about the conditions of the hospitals of your area. (H.S. – 2003)



1. Write a report on a campaign on ‘Educate the Girl Child’ organized by your school.
Mention the role of both students and teachers, purpose of this campaign, participation, response and so on. The
report will be published in your school magazine. (Word limit: 150 words) (H.S.-2019)

2. Write a report on a one-week programme undertaken by your school to clean up the classrooms, the school premises and its surroundings.
Mention the roles of both students and teachers. (Word limit: 150 words) (H.S.-2018)

3. Write a report on the measures taken in your district to look after the health of the people and suggest what further improvements could be made.
(Word limit: 150 words) (H.S.-2017)

4. Write a report on the annual sports of Yours school to be published in the school magazine. (Word Limit: 150 words) (HS – 2016)

5. Recently your school organized a magic show. Write a report on it for the local periodical magazine.
(Word limit 150 words) (H.S.-2015)

6. Write a report in about 150 words on an educational tour conducted by your school in which you participated. (HS – 2014)

7. Write a report in about 150 words on the farewell meeting of a teacher which you attended.
(Points: Date, time and place – arrangements of the function – songs and speeches – gift given- effect on the audience.) (H.S.-2013)

8. Write a report in about 150 words on a road accident that you have witnessed while returning from school.

Points : Date, time and place- how did the accident occur- death and injury – rescue operation and treatment to injured – safely measures announced to prevent recurrence of such accident in the locality.) (H.S.-2012)

9. Your class went on an excursion to a historical place. Write a report in about 150 words, describing the preparations for the tour, the travel arrangements, the historical remains you saw and their significanee. (HS – 2011)

10. Write a report in about 150 words on the Chandrayan Mission to the Moon, its objectives and the discovery of water on the moon by Indian scientist. (HS – 2010)

11. Write a report in about 150 words on the publication of a wall magazine in your school mentioning the way you planned it, the topics you preferred, the poses and pictures you choose and the preparations you made for writing the final copy and putting it on the wall. (HS – 2009)

12. The area of your school has many road side stalls selling fast food, fruit cut and uncovered and artificially coloured drinks. Write a report in about 150 words on the topic. (H.S.-2008)

13. You have recently visited a book fair. Now write a report in about 150 words mentioning different features of the fair. (HS – 2007)


1. Write a Précis of the following passage. Add a suitable title.

Charlie Chaplin once said, “In this age of scientific inventions, we think too much, we feel too little” Science boosts up the modern craze for material prosperity. It has revolutionized our lives. It has made life more comfortable with various amenities. It is undoubtedly the driving force behind any
human excellence. But it kills the soul of man. Our skills and habits are changed by science. Excessive mechanization brings unhappiness because human faculties are slighted. A person starts believing that machines will do all for him, and this tendency becomes fatal in this high-tech world. But none can doubt that science has helped us to discover the hidden truth in nature. Can we ever imagine the modern age without computers, lasers, antibiotics, biotechnology of different electronic gadgets ? That is why it is said that science gives knowledge and power but not wisdom. (H.S.-2019)

2. Write a precis of the following passage. Add a suitable title.

Among the misfortunes that trouble human beings, the loss of health is the most troublesome. A man cannot enjoy his wealth, his happiness or his relations when he is sick. If you can give a sick
man everything but leave him to his sufferings, he will feel that the world is lost to him. Even when he is laid on a bed of roses, he groans in physical agony, and remains sleepless. On the contrary, a beggar who is healthy, can enjoy a sound sleep even lying on the bare ground. A man with good health can enjoy his food and choose his drink but a sick man cannot take a morsel out of fear that his health may deteriorate. In fact, a healthy man is always envied by a rich man with poor health. If a sick man is surrounded with the pomp of a king, if his chair be made his throne, if his crutch be his sceptre, even then he will envy the good health of his nearest servant. His great palace would not be able to provide him the comfort that a man with a sound health gets even
if he lives in a but with thatched roof.

3. Write a Précis of the following passage. Add a suitable title :

The saving of certain wild animals from extinction has for many years been a problem for zoologists and other specialists, but more recently the problem has become so acute, and has received so much publicity, that most people are now concerned about it. This may at first seem strange because one
of the most satisfying developments of the last few years has been the passing of strict laws to protect wild animals and the consequent decline in the hunting of big game for sport. Why is it, then that some rare wild animals are still threatened with extinction and even some of the less rare ones are rapidly declining in number?

One reason is the “march of civilization’. When an area is wholly cleared of vegetation to make room for towns, factory sites or hydroelectric plants, the natural home of special species is destroyed. The displaced animals must either migrate to another area or perish. Even the clearing of land for road or an airfield may involve ‘pushing back’ the jungle and the smaller the area in which wild animals compete for a living, the smaller the number that can hope to survive.
Civilization brings too, swift and easy transport and so assists those who are determined to break the various protective laws. Thieves can elude the forest wardens, shoot an elephant for its tusks, a rhinoceros for its horn, or a dove for its meat, and be miles away from the site of crime before the dead or dying victim is even discovered.

It is sad to reflect that civilization which can bring so many benefits to people who have previously known only hunger and misery, brings also facilities for the heartless criminals who, for material gain, will slaughter some harmless animals and threaten the disappearance of its kind from the earth forever.

4. Write a precis of the tolowing passage. Add a suitable title.

Vidyasagar had both the onginality of a genius and the sterling strength of a heroic character. He thought out a new techique ot teaching Sanskrit more easily to beginners and wrote a series of primers in the Sanskrit language and literature adapted to moderm needs. He also arranged for the collection and preservation of old Sanskrit books. In Bengali prose, Vidyasagar’s work, was a landmark. He evolved an elegant, although a bit too stately and chaste style of writing which impressed eveybody.

Between 1847 and 1863, he wrote a series of books in Bengali which became classics to the students of literature. In these, he drew his material impartially from the Indian epics and popular tales as well as from western fables and biographies. His ‘Bengali Primer’ for beginners is even today in household use. But VIdyasagar was no mere scholar or man of letters. As an educational reformer he opened the Sanskrit college to non-Brahmin boys and provided for classical scholars some English educanon as well. As an administrator of vision, he rendered splendid service in his capacity of government Inspeetor and in four districts he organised a total of 35 girl’s schools and 20 model schools. He was closely associated from its early days with the Institution which now bears his name and which under his fostering care became the outstanding example of a non-official, secular and popular institulion for higher education with a purely Indian teaching staff. He was equally interested in women’s higher educaion, and was secretary to the Bethune School for sometime.

Short Questions from “The Poetry of Earth”.

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