Debate Competition – A Notice Writing, Important for Madhyamik Class X Final Examination.

Question: Suppose you are the Secretary of the Debate Society of your school. Now, write a notice for the students of your school asking them to participate a debate competition.


It is hereby notified that the Debate Society of our school has decided to organise a debate competition for the students of classes IX and X at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, 26.11.2020 in the school auditorium. Our headmaster has kindly consented to preside. The motion of the debate is: “The new syllabus is better than the old one.”

The students who are interested to participate in the debate for or against the subject, are requested to enlist their names on or before 20.11.2020. The time allowed for a speaker is 5 minutes. Please contact the undersigned for further details.

(Write your full name)
Debate Society
XYZ School.

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