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English Question Set 1. Practise this question set regularly. Important for Madhyamik or Class X (10th level) board exam. Take preparation. Do an excellent result in Madhyamik final examination. মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি মডেল কোশ্চেন সেট ১।

Madhyamik English Model Questions

Model Question Set 1

Subject English (B)

Class X



1. Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences: (1×2) = 2

i) The cat cares little for anything but mice and

a) milk

b) sweet

c) mango

d) juice.


ii) To pass the time away he sometimes watches a

a) mice hole

b) mouse hole

c) rat hole

d) big hole.


2. Answer the following questions: (1×3) = 3

a) What is the general notion about the cat?

Ans: __________________________________________________________________________________

b) What does the cat do all the day long?

Ans: __________________________________________________________________________________

c) What does a cat get out of life?

Ans: __________________________________________________________________________________

3) State whether the following statements are true or false. Provide sentences/phrases/words in support of your answer. (1×3) = 3

a) The cat is not a good fighter. ( )

Supporting Statement:

b) The cat sometimes feels bored. ( )

Supporting Statement:

c) The people in the house are pestered by the cat. ( )

Supporting Statement:


4. Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences: (1×3) = 3

a) In its house, the snail lives with –

i) parents

ii) friends

iii) relatives

iv) no one.


b) The snail lives his life like a

a) traveller

b) king

c) vagabond

d) hermit.


c) When danger imminent betides, the snail

a) flies

b) appears

c) hides

d) guides.


5. Answer the following questions: (1×2) = 2

a) How is the house of the snail?

Ans: __________________________________________________________________________________

b) To what does the snail stick to?

Ans: __________________________________________________________________________________

6. State state whether the following statements are True or False. Provide sentences or phrases or words in support of your answer. (1×3) = 3

a) The snail does not fear to fall. ( )

Supporting Statement:

b) The snail clings to wall lightly. ( )

Supporting Statement:

c) The snail and his house are inseparable. ( )

Supporting Statement:


Do as directed. (1×10) = 10

1. He is wise. He is brave. (Join into a single sentence)


2. Muskan is sick. She could not attend the function. (Join into a single sentence)


3. The cat takes things easy. (Change the voice)


4. The delighted family remarks, “Isn’t it sweet of him?” (Turn into indirect speech)


5. He moves noiselessly. (Use the underlined word as a noun)


6. He puts off his clothes. (Change the voice)


7. Siraj always rises early. (Interrogative sentence using ‘does’)


8. I go to school by bus. (Information question using ‘how’)


9. He dwells alone. (Turn into a negative sentence)


10. He grew there. (Use the underlined word as noun).



Write a letter to the editor of an English daily about the disturbances caused by the thoughtless use of loudspeakers. 10

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