Complete the following sentences with information from the text – Father’s Help for Class 10 Students WBBSE West Bengal.

Complete the following sentences: Very Important Questions with Answers for your Final Examination. Make ready right now.

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

Swami came to school because his father – forced him to go to school.

Swami went to school feeling – himself to be the most boy on the earth.

Swami’s father’s behaviour took an – unexpected turn.

Lying in bed, Swaminathan felt – with a shudder that it was Monday morning.

When the mother heard that Swami had a headache she – generously suggested that Swami might stay at home.

Swami stopped on the roadside to – make up his mind about Samuel.

The colour of Samuel’s coat was – yellow.

Swami stood – at the entrance to his clasd.

Swaminathan’s father snatched the letter away from Swami and – tore it up instantly.

As Swami entered the school gate, – an idea struck his head that he might deliver the letter at the end of the day.

Swami asked his father apprehensively – what he had written in the letter.

Swami realised with a shudder that – Monday morning was back again to begin the weeklong suffering in school.

Father had composed a long letter – when Swami was getting prepared to go to school.

Father thought Swami had headache because – he wandered about on Sundays catching cough and cold.

Swami could not come to the conclusion weather – Samuel really deserved the allegations made against him in the letter or not.

Swami felt that Samuel had – special regard for Swami.

Swami’s head was dizzy with – confusion.

Swami was bothered by –  his conscience.

Swami’s father proposed to send a letter to – the headmaster.

When Swami ought to have been in the school prayer hall, he was – lying on the bench in mother’s room.

Father advised Swami to – loaf about less on Sundays.

Swami knew – how strict his father could be.

Swami complained of a headache when it was – 9 o’clock

Swami put the letter in – an envelop and sealed it

Swami was not at all sure – if his description of Samuel had been accurate.

Samuel was teaching – Arithmatic

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