Boat Capsized Report Writing || Write a Report on a Boat Capsize.

Boat Capsized Report Writing – a very important report writing for class 10 and class 12 students of West Bengal, WBBSE. English Writing for all students who are taking preparations for their final examinations.

Boat Capsize – Report Writing

Write a report, in about 150 words, on a boat mishap in which a number people died while a greater number is still missing.


Boat capsizes in Matla river, 10 drowned, 21 missing

By A Staff Reporter

Canning, 12 June – At least 15 people were drowned when a ferry boat crossing the Matla river capsized midstream this morning. It was a large country boat fitted with a diesel engine. These boats are locally known as “Bhutbhuti”. People, who had missed this boat and were waiting for the next, say that the boat started swaying violently when it had reached midstream. It seemed the helmsman had lost control. Quite a few of the passengers were seen jumping into the river. Cries and wails of men, women, and children could be clearly heard from the bank. Then all on a sudden the boat overturned and went under-water.

Three or four fishing boats at once rushed to the spot and rescued many of the unfortunate passengers. A few were able to swim to the bank. Police launches have so far found 10 dead bodies while some 21 people are still missing. The local people say that the boat was carrying passengers far beyond its capacity, and that was the reason why it capsized.

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