Madhyamik English Grammar Practice Set 3 || Class X || WBBSE.

Madhyamik English Grammar Practice set for class 10 students of West Bengal. Very important grammar for Madhyamik students. Prepare this practice set and do an excellent result in your final Madhyamik examination.

Madhyamik English Grammar

Write the correct alternative to fill in the blanks: (1×3=3)

The Egyptians ___________ (discovered/are discovered/discover) a way of preserving the bodies of people after death. They __________ (use/uses/used) herbs and oils to ________ (treat/treated/treats) the body.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions: (1×3=3)

We take pride _______ Kolkata as _______ centre ________ art and culture in the country.

Do as directed: (1×3=3)

i) He said to us, “Are you coming to the meeting today?” (Change the mode of narration)

ii) I am sure of his success. (Change into a complex sentence)

iii) Pay the bill at once. (Change the voice)

Tick the correct phrasal verbs: (1×3 = 3)

i) I cannot understand what you say. (call at/set up/make out)

ii) Manju was born of a rich family. (Taken after/came of/cut down)

iii) Kolkata book house has published a lot of useful books. (Bring out/held back/give up)

(List: come of, make out, give up, bring out)

Set: 2

Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions: (1×3)

We had no control _______ such ________ situation. So the result was contrary _______ our expectation.

Do as directed: (1×6)

i) I was glad to know of his success. (Turn into Complex Sentence)

ii) He gave us encouragement. (Replce by a verb)

iii) We were very happy there. (Turn into Exclamatory Sentence)

iv) People always pitied us. (Change the voice)

v) The teacher said to the boy, “Where did you find the purse?” (Change the mode of narration)

vi) Only a shrewd man can do it. (Use ‘none but’)

Choose the correct phrasal verbs from the list given below: (1×3 = 3)

i) I cannot tolerate such insult.

ii) You must obey my order.

iii) I can’t understand it.

(put up with, make out, carry out, put off)

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