Importance of Tree Plantation – An Important Paragraph Writing

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Tree Plantation

Question: Write in about 150 words a paragraph on the “Importance of tree plantation in our Country”.


Importance of Tree Plantation

Trees are our best friends. From the dawn of civilization man and trees are interdependent on each other. The ancient people took shelter under trees, and most of their food, medicines, and tools were supplied by trees. The modern civilized people cannot but depend on trees. Trees give us wood for furniture, fruits, firewood, rubber, resin, gums, and various ingredients for medicines. Above all, trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

This makes it possible to maintain ecological balance. Trees cause rainfall, prevent soil-erosion and floods and supply organic proteins. We should, therefore, take care of our great friends for our own survival and also for the survival of other creatures and animals of the earth. But there have been reckless destructions of trees afoot. Heartless deforestation schemes are going on without taking into account the harms invited by ourselves. It is a matter of hope that programmes of afforestation through social forestry are being carried on by the Government Banomahotsav, a festival for plantation of saplings is observed every year in the rainy season. It is a good idea to teach the students and public the importance of trees in human life. The State Governments are also taking various programmes to create public awareness about the necessity of the protection of trees.

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