ABTA Test Paper Solution 2022-23 || English Second Language || Class X. Test Paper Page: 108 Madhyamik Pariksha 2023.

ABTA Test Paper Solution 2022-23 || English Second Language || Class X. Test Paper Page: 108 Madhyamik Pariksha 2023.

Madhyamik ABTA Test Paper Answers English


1. Read the following Paragraph and answer the questions that follow:

Lying in bed, Swami realized with a shudder that it was Monday morning. It looked as though only a moment ago, it was Friday. Already Monday was here. He hoped he didn’t have to go to school.

At nine o’colck, Swaminathan wailed, “I have a headache”.

Mother generously suggested that Swami might stay at home. At 9.30, when he ought to have been in the school prayer hall, Swami was lying on the bench in Mother’s room.

Father asked him, “Have you no school today?

Headache”, Swami replied

“Nonsense! Dress up and go.

“Loaf about less on Sunday and you will be without a headache on Monday.”

Swami knew how strict his father could be. So he changed his tactics. I can’t go so late to the class.

“You will have to, It is your own fault.”

“What will the teacher think if I go so late?”

“Tell him you had a headache and so are late.”

He will scold me if I say so.”

Will he? Let us see. What is his name?”


“Does he always scold the students?”

“He is a very angry man. He is especially angry with boys who come in late. I wouldn’t like to go late to Samuel’s class.”

“If he is so angry, why not tell your headmaster about it?”

“They say that even the headmaster is afraid of him.”

A. Write the correct alternative to complete the following sentences in the given spaces.: 1×5-5

(a) The name of the teacher as mentioned in the text is -i) Johnson (ii) Samuel i) Peter (iv) Headmaster.

Ans: ii) Samuel.

(b) On Monday, Swami thought that it was looking as though only a moment ago it was- (i) Wednesday, ii) Thursday (iii) Friday (iv) Saturday.

Ans: (iii) Friday

(c) Swami was complaining of his-i) fever (ii) cough and cold, (ii) leg injury (iv) headache.

Ans: (iv) headache.

(d) According to Swami, even the headmaster is afraid of- i) Swami (ii) Swami’s father (ii) Samuel (iv) Swami’s mother.

Ans: (ii) Samuel.

(e) The time when Swami was lying on the bench in Mother’s room was- (i) 9 A.M (ii) 9.30 A.M (iii) 10 A.M (iv) 10.30 A.M.

Ans: (ii) 9.30 A.M

B. Complete the following sentences with information from the text. 1×3-3

(a) As Swami knew how strict his father could be ____

Ans: he changed his tactics.

(b) Mother reacted generously and told that ____

he (Swami) might stay at home.

(c) According to Swami, Samuel is especially angry ___

Ans: with boys who come in late.

C. Fill in the hart with information for the text. 2×2-4

Swami would not tell Samuel that he had a headache.
Swami will be without headache on Monday.Swami might loaf about less on Sundays.

2. Read the extract of the poem given below and answer the questions that follow:

The mountain and the squirrel

Had a quarrel:

And the former called the later, “Little prig”

Bun replied;

“You are doubtless very big;

But all sorts of things and weather

Must be taken in together,

To make up a year

And a sphere

And I think it no disgrace

To occupy my place.

If I am not so larger as you,

You are not so small as I,

And not half so spry.

I’ll not deny you make

A very pretty squirrel track,

Talents differ; all is well and wisely put,

If I cannot carry forests on my back,

Neither can you crack a nut.”

A. Write the correct alternatives to complete the followingsentences1x4-4

(a) Bun is the name of the (i) bread (ii) mountain (ii) squirrel (iv) poet.

Ans: (ii) squirrel.

(b) Unlike the squirrel, the mountain is not half so – (i) full of life energy, (ii) idle, (iii) full of smile (iv) talkative.

Ans: (i) full of life energy.

(c) The Squirrel does not have any disgrace to occupy his – (i) manner (ii) place (iii) degree (iv) name.

Ans: (ii) place

(d) According to squirrel the talents -) are the same (ii) are inter-dependent (iii) are changing (iv) differ.

Ans: (iv) differ.

B. Answer the following questions: 2 x 2 = 4

(a) What is Bun’s view about a year and a sphere?

Ans: According to Bun, all sorts of things and weather must be taken in together to make up a year and a sphere.

(b) What is that the squirrel does not deny?

Ans: The Squirrel does not deny that the Mountain makes a very pretty squirrel track.


4. Fill in the correct alternative to fill in the blanks.

Throughout the ages the teachers _____ (are teaching/teach/have been teaching)

7. Write a paragraph within 100 words on a rainy day that you have experienced recently.

[Hints: date, time, place – how did you enjoy – discomfort – your feelings – description of nature etc.]

8. Write a letter within 100 words to your brother who stays in a hostel advising him about the importance of reading newspaper.

9. Write a story within 100 words using the given hints. Give a title to the story.

[Hints – A wise king – two women were quarrelling over a child – both claimd to be its mother – the king ordered to cut the child – the real mother disagreed – she received the child.

The rest is coming soon.

ABTA English Test Paper Solution 2023, Page – 73 – Click here.

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