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Travelling As a Part of Life – Paragraph Writing.


Points: Introduction-man’s desire to know the unknown and see the unseen-what is the complete education-educative value of travelling-conclusion.

What is the true meaning of life? Most of us spend our vital days on this earth without knowing it properly. In such cases, life ultimately becomes meaningless. So to make our life fruitful and useful to others, philosophers and thinkers are discussing lots of aspects ages after ages. According to their common opinion, to know the earth fruitfully we must be educated with the knowledge of different branches like science, literature, history, philosophy, geography etc. Then, from our early childhood days, we are normally sent to schools and colleges to be educated. In different institutions, the teachers and professors provide us with bookish knowledge. But that is not all. It should be assimilated with practical experiences to make our education perfect and practically applicable for the benefits of society.

Travelling is such a vital part of our educational system as it provides us with experience. We come to know about different things through close associations. Travelling has two different aspects. It gives us enjoyment, it makes our storehouse of knowledge rectified and enriched. So especially in our student life, travelling, or educational excursion is a must for the proper development of mind and mentality. What we read in books, we gather knowledge but the very depth of conception cannot be achieved. That very shortcoming becomes fulfilled through excursions. When we come in close association with the original, our knowledge becomes perfect. So the realization of something through our five senses can be only through travelling.

Book Fair – Report Writing.

Write a letter to your friend about how you spent the last Pooja vacation.

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