Write a report on a scientific seminar on global warming.

Write a report, in about 150 words, on a scientific seminar on Global Warming.

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Question: Write a report, in about 150 words, on a scientific seminar on Global Warming.

Answer :

Seminar on Global Warming

By A Staff Reporter

New Delhi, March 14: A seminar of famous Indian scientists on “Global Warming” was held at the Institute of Environmental Studies and Research (IESR). The seminar was pre-scheduled for three days. This three-day-long seminar discussed the different aspects of global warming and its impact, particularly on the Indian economy. The decisions and resolutions were passed by the conference and were forwarded to the Ministry of Natural and Human Resources. The ministry decided to send its representatives to the conference. So it seemed the government, at last, woke up to the menace of global warming. Ten scientists from the major universities of the country spoke on the first day of the conference. A press meet was scheduled to be held at the end of the three-day conference.

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