Memorable Day in My Life – A Paragraph Writing for Madhyamik and HS Examination

Memorable Day in My Life – This is very important for your final exam. We have uploaded this writing for Madhyamik and HS Students. Prepare this. Do a very good result.

Here is the paragraph:

Memorable Day in My Life:

Life is full of events and experiences. It is eventful. Many incidents happen and pass by. But only a few incidents leave a permanent impression in our mind while most others simply fade out of our memory. Such incidents can never be forgotten. In my life, such a memorable day is associated with a fearful and exciting experience. I shall never forget it in my life. The incident occurred towards the end of May 2010 when I was only about eleven years old. It had been a sultry day and towards evening dark, suddenly clouds started gathering in the sky. There was rumbling in the sky. At that very time, I was returning from tuition. I was passing through a mango orchard. In the orchard, I saw many ripe mangoes hanging from the boughs. Tempted by the ripe fruits on the branches I thoughtlessly climbed up a tree. I had scarcely had finished my first mango when a violent storm started. The tree started swaying violently and I clung to a branch with all my effort. Lightning dazzled my eyes and thunderclaps deafened my ears. I was seized with great panic and felt sure I was going to die.

Such a terrifying situation prevailed for about fifteen minutes. My parents were too much tensed as I did not return home. However, the storm stopped after a brief while and I returned home more dead than alive. My parents heaved a sigh of relief seeing me. I told them the whole incident. They rebuked me. I understood my fault.

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