Write a letter to your friend informing him her about how you will spend the days after your final exam.

Write a letter to your friend informing him/her about How you will spend days after exam – Letter Writing.


17th March, 2018

My dear Kalu,

Many many thanks for your letter requesting me to spend a month or so at your place, as my final examination is over. But I am really very sorry because I cannot keep your request. Please don’t mind.

Each of us is committed to give highest quality education to our younger ones. Here in our locality many poor students cannot attend school during day for many reasons. Moreover, they have to support their families. So, a few young good-hearted men of our area have set up a free night school, where the poor students are given lessons on the three R’s and on the general principles of health and morality.

I have already joined the noble endeavour. This brief experience has opened my eyes to the depth of misery in which our poor people live and grow up. They are men in name, but very much less than that in every other respect. We have to make them realise that they are as much the children of God as their fortunate fellow beings. The work is both sweet and ennobling. I feel honoured to be an active member of the great mission. The only pity is that I shall have to keep myself away from it when I go to Kolkata for higher education. But until that time I am at the service of my poor brethren. I will remain engaged in this task for the time after my final examination.

So, right now I am unable to be with you.

With love for you and regards for your parents,

Kalu Siam                                                                                                                                Yours sincerely,

C/O- Sonu Siam                                                                                                                                       Rishi

Village- XYZ



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