Voice Change of Assertive Sentence || Examples with Answer || For Competitive Examinations.

Voice Change of Assertive Sentence. A lot of examples of voice change in Assertive sentences. Really very important for all sorts of competitive exams. Also important for Madhyamik and other classes’ annual exams. Don’t be left behind. Prepare right now. Snatch your success. Do a very good result.

Voice Change of Assertive Sentence

Voice Change of Assertive Sentence || Examples with Answer || For Competitive Examinations.

Examples of Voice Change of Assertive Sentence (Active to Passive)

Q: Voltaire loved Rousseau.

Ans: Rousseau was loved by Voltaire.

Q: The donkey saw an old dog.

Ans: An old dog was seen by the donkey.

Q: They frightened the robbers.

Ans: The robbers were frightened by them.

Q: Mother feeds her cubs.

Ans: Her cubs are fed by mother.

Q: We protect ourselves with our beaks and nail.

Ans: We are protected by ourselves with our big sand nails.

Q: I want water to drink.

Ans: I want water to be drunk.

Q: I don’t want a list.

Ans: A list is not wanted by me.

Q: A cold drink manufacturer organised a competition in Delhi University campus.

Ans: A competition was organised by a cold drink manufacturer in Delhi University campus.

Q: I have been looking for some water for an hour.

Ans: Some water has been being looked for by me for an hour.

Q: One carries water in a bucket.

Ans: Water is carried in a bucket.

Q: Now I can give you a longer list.

Ans: Now you can be given a longer list by me./Now a longer list can we given to you by me.

Q: The teacher scolded the boys for late attendance.

Ans: The boys were scolded by the teacher for late attendance.

Q: We need vitamins for the growth of our body.

Ans: Vitamins are needed for the growth of our body.

Q: I will suck honey from them.

Ans: Honey will be sucked by me from them.

Q: Rabindranath received the Nobel prize first from Asia.

Ans: Nobel prize was received by Rabindranath first from Asia.

Q: Someone has broken the window-pane.

Ans: The window pain has been broken.

Q: He threw the boy away on the floor.

Ans: The boy was thrown away by him on the floor.

Q: A famous architect is designing the monument.

Ans: The monument is being designed by a famous architect.

Q: Rabindranath Tagore wrote Gitanjali.

Ans: Gitanjali was written by Rabindranath Tagore.

Q: I telephone you last night.

Ans: You were telephoned by me last.

Q: He received the letter yesterday.

Ans: The letter was received by him yesterday.

Q: You cannot do this now.

Ans: This cannot be done by you now.

Q: I build my nest on the ground.

Ans: My nest was built by me on the ground.

Q: She gave me two cups.

Ans: I was given two cups by her.

Q: You know him.

Ans: He is known to you.

Q: Mahima is flying her kite.

Ans: Her kite is being flown by Mahima.

Q: We had won the match.

Ans: The match had been won by us.

Q: Children like sweets.

Ans: Sweets are liked by children.

Q: Columbus discovered America.

Ans: America was discovered by Columbus.

Q: I know that he did the work.

Ans: It is known to me that the work was done by him.

Q: Circumstances obliged me to go.

Ans: I was obliged to go.

Q: They do not even understand your motive.

Ans: Your motive is not even understood by them.

Q: Men say he will come.

Ans: It is said he will come.

Q: They could not reach the decision.

Ans: The decision could not be reached by them.

Q: His conduct annoyed me.

Ans: I was annoyed at his conduct. (এখানে by হবে না)

Q: The mice called a meeting.

Ans: A meeting was called by the mice.

Q: Your uncle has gifted you a useful dictionary.

Ans: A useful dictionary has been gifted to you by your uncle.

Q: The court will give the verdict.

Ans: The verdict will be given by the court.

Q: I have lost my book.

Ans: My book has been lost.

Q: The girl knows it.

Ans: It is known to the girl.

Q: Fire burnt the shed to ashes.

Ans: The shed was burnt to ashes.

Q: Smoke filled the room.

Ans: The room was filled with smoke.

Q: He will not hurt you.

Ans: You will not be hurt by him.

Q: I shall do the work.

Ans: The work will be done by me.

Q: We call him Netaji.

Ans: He is called Netaji.

Q: His behaviour charmed me.

Ans: I was charmed at his behaviour.

Q: They are drawing pictures.

Ans: Pictures are being drawn by them.

Q: We expect him soon.

Ans: He is expected soon.

Q: He will have known the incident by this time.

Ans: The incident will have been known to him by this time.

Q: The boy will kick the ball.

Ans: The ball will be kicked by the boy.

Q: The militants will kill us

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