Class XI English Grammar (Textual) for Annual Exam. WBCHSE, West Bengal.

Class XI English Grammar. Textual English for Class XI students of West Bengal. Very important textual English grammar with answers for class xi students of West Bengal. Score a very good result in your Annual Examination.

Leela’s Friend:

Que: He has taken away your gold chain. (Change the voice)

Ans: Your gold chain has been taken away by him.

Que: Leave him alone. (Change the voice)

Ans: Let him be left alone.

Que: Mr. Sivasanker carried Leela back into the house. (Change the voice)

Ans: Leela was carried back into the house by Mr. Sivasanker.

Que: I will let you off. (Change the voice)

Ans: You will be let off by me.

Que: I will have a new chain. (Change the voice)

Ans: A new chain will be had by me.

Que: “I have not taken it,” Sidda said feebly. (Change the narration)

Ans: Sidda said feebly that he had not taken it.

Que: Her father said, “Baby, if you don’t behave, I will be very angry with you.” (Change the narration)

Ans: Calling her baby, her father told her that if she did not behave he would be very angry with her.

Que: “Tell me a story, Mother,” Leela said. (Change the narration)

Ans: Leela requested her mother to tell her a story.


Que: Sir Mohan threw out his chest. (Change the voice)

Ans: His chest was thrown out by Sir Mohan.

Que: He glanced at his watch. (Change the voice)

Ans: His watch was glanced at by him.

Que: Sir Mohan smoothed his Balliol tie. (Change the voice)

Ans: His Balliol tie was smoothed by sir Mohan.

Que: I can’t understand English and don’t know their ways. (Change the voice)

Ans: English can’t be understood by me and their ways are not known to me.

Que: “Ek Chota”, ordered Sir Mohan. (Change the narration)

Ans: Sir Mohan ordered ek chota.

Que: She hailed a passing railway coolie. (Change the voice)

Ans: A passing railway coolie was hailed by her.

Jimmy Valentine:

Que: Agatha’s mother beat the door of the vault with her hands. (Change the voice)

Ans: The door of the vault was beaten by Agatha’s mother with her hands.

Que: Jimmy stuffed it into his vest-pocket. (Change the voice)

Ans: It was stuffed by Jimmy into his vest-pocket.

Que: Somebody wildly suggested dynamite. (Change the voice)

Ans: Dynamite was wildly suggested.

Que: Open the door. (Change the voice)

Ans: Let the door be opened (by you).

Que: She can’t stand it long in there. (Change the voice)

Ans: It can’t be stood by her long in there.

Que: Break it open. (Change the voice)

Ans: Let it be broken open.

Que: The Elmore Bank had just put in a new safe and vault. (Change the voice)

Ans: A new safe and vault had just been put in by the Elmore Bank.

Que: He told the teller that he didn’t want anything. (Change the voice)

Ans: The teller was told that nothing was wanted by him.

Nobel Lecture:

Que: Please tell us something that we will remember. (Change the voice)

Ans: We should be told something that will be remembered by us.

Que: It has purified me. (Change the voice)

Ans: I have been purified by it.

Que: He loves us. (Change the voice)

Ans: We are loved by him.

Que: I send you this money. (Change the voice)

Ans: This money is sent by me to you.

Que: Let us love one another. (Change the voice)

Ans: Let one another be loved by us.

Que: The other day I received 15 dolars.

Ans: 15 dolars were received by me the other day.

The Place of Art in Education:

Que: A poor Santhal sweeps and mops his hut. (Change the voice)

Ans: A poor Santhal’s hut is swept and mopped by him.

Que: I see people use the open-breasted jacket with the `dhoti’. (Change the voice)

Ans: It is seen by me that the open-breasted jacket is used by people with the `dhoti’.

Que: It harms his physical and mental well-being. (Change the voice)

Ans: His physical and mental well-being is harmed by it.

Que: Its field of expression is limited. (Change the voice)

Ans: Something limits its field of expression.


Upon Westminster Bridge:

Meeting at Night

Que: I gain the cove with pushing prow. (Change the voice)

Ans: The cove is gained by me with pushing prow.

Que: I give a tap at the pane. (Change the voice)

Ans: A tap is given by me at the pane.

Que: I quench its speed i’ the slushy sand. (Change the voice)

Ans: Its speed is quenched by me in the slushy sand.

The Sick Rose

Que: The worm has found out thy bed of crimson joy. (Change the voice)

Ans: The bed of crimson joy has been found out by the worm.

Que: And his dark secret love does thy life destroy. (Change the voice)

Ans: And thy life is destroyed by his dark secret love.

Brotherhood: Homage to Claudius Ptolemy

Que: I too am written. (Change the voice)

Ans: Someone writes me.

Que: Someone spells me out. (Change the voice)

Ans: I am spelt out.


Que: The wind had come out of the sea. (Change the tense of the sentence into simple past tense)

Ans: The wind came out of the sea.

Que: The wind hailed the ships. (Change the voice)

Ans: The ships were hailed by the wind.

Que: Bow down. (Change the voice)

Ans: You should be bowed down.

Que: Make room for me. (Change the voice)

Ans: Let room be made for me (by you).

Que: Proclaim the hour. (Change the voice)

Ans: Let the hour be proclaimed (by you).

Que: It crossed the churchyard with a sigh. (Change the voice)

Ans: The churchyard was crossed by it with a sigh.

Que: Blow your clarion. (Change the voice)

Ans: Let your clarion be blown.

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