The Lion and The Mouse – A Story Writing

A Lion and A Mouse (সিংহ ও মূষিক)

Once upon a time (একদা), there lived ( বাস করতো) a lion in a den (গুহা). A timid mouse lived in a hole near the den. One summer afternoon, the lion was sleeping deeply resting his head on his paws (থাবা). At that time suddenly and unexpectedly (অপ্রত্যাশিত ভাবে) the mouse came there. She tried to run away (ছুটে পালানো) in fear. But hi!  The mouse got into the nostril (নাসারন্ধ্র) of the lion. This disturbed (বিরক্ত) the lion much. He woke up. He got red with anger (রাগ). Now he got the mouse with his paws and was about to kill it. The poor (বেচারা) little mouse begged (ভিক্ষা চাইল) for his life and said,” Please leave me. Let me go. Little may I be, some day I will repay (শোধ দেওয়া) you.”  The Lion laughed at the little mouse and allowed her to go.

After some days, the lion went on hunting but unfortunately he was trapped(ফাঁদে আটকে পড়া) and caught in a hunter’s net. He tried hard to tear it but alas! The lion could not come out. He was roaring. The forest was echoing with the roar (গর্জন) of the tiger. The mouse knew that the lion had been roaring. He rushed at the spot quickly and gnawed the net. The little mouse set the big lion free. The king of the beast was free now. The mouse said, “You laughed when I told I will repay you. Now see it is I who really set you free.” The mouse became glad and ran away.

Moral: Kindness is not wasted.

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