The Fox and the Crow, The Farmer and His Sons – Story Writing

The Fox and the Crow (Story Writing)

A crow was very hungry and flying in search of food. Suddenly, the crow saw a piece of meat and took it away. It sat on the top of a tall tree to enjoy the piece of meat. At that time, a fox was passing under that tree and saw the crow sitting on the top of the tree with a piece of meat in its beak. The fox wished,” If I hit upon a plan properly, I shall get the meat as my own. So, the fox sat under the tree. He said to the crow,” Oh, Black Beauty! How beautiful you look! Your voice must be very sweet. I want to listen to a song from you.” The crow became very pleased with these words. She opened her mouth to sing a song. But alas! The piece of meat dropped down from the mouth of the crow! The fox caught the piece of meat immediately. The fox, thus, befooled the crow and went away with the piece of meat. The foolish crow lost its feast and flew away with a heavy heart. (Story Writing)

Moral : Don’t trust (বিশ্বাস করা) a flatterer (চাটুকার).

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The Farmer and His Sons (Story Writing)

There lived a farmer and his four sons in a village. Unfortunately, the farmer was not happy with his sons. most of the time, his sons quarrelled among themselves. The farmer became upset. Gradually, the farmer fell ill and thought that he was about to die. So, he called his sons and asked them to bring a bundle of sticks. They brought a bundle of sticks. Farmer told each of his sons to break it. But no one could break it. Then the farmer ordered his sons to break a stick each. Now they broke each stick very easily. Then their father asked them why they could not break the bundle. The eldest son replied that they could not break the bundle because the sticks were together in the bundle. Then the farmer told them if they all remain together no body can harm them. Thus the sons learnt a good lesson and decided to live together. The farmer lived happily with his sons.

Moral : United we stand, divided we fall.


Unity is strength.

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