The Farmer and His Sons

The Farmer and His Sons : A Story Writing for classes VI, VII, VIII, IX, X.

An old man had three sons. They always quarrelled with one another The farmer always asked them not to quarrel among themselves, but they did not listen to him. The farmer was much worried.  He was very unhappy and upset. One day he hit upon a plan. He called his three sons. He asked one of them to bring a bundle of sticks. When that son brought it, he asked him to break it. He tried but he failed. Next the farmer asked another son to break it. He too failed. Then he asked the third son to break it. The third son also tried but could not break it. When all the three sons failed, the old man asked them to break a single stick. They could easily break single stick easily.

The farmer then said to them, “My dear sons, now you can see the value of unity. You cannot break the whole bundle, but you separately can easily break each stick. Similarly, if you live together peacefully and without quarrelling, nobody can do any harm to you. If you quarrel among yourselves, someone can do harm to you easily.” The sons felt the truth of their father’s words. They realised the strength of unity. They started to live together. Then they stopped quarrelling among themselves and lived peace and happiness.

Moral: Unity is strength. (Words-234)

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